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If someone has a suspected problem with evil spirits and needs 

deliverance prayers, please contact your local Catholic priest. If the person needs an exorcism, then contact your local Catholic diocesan chancery.  You are welcome to contact us with other kinds of queries and comments.

On the app, if you are seeing very large text on the prayers page, it means you have Larger Text turned on for your device. Currently, we are awaiting a fix from Google and Apple that will make the text appear the proper size even with Larger Text enabled. However, you can use the app right now by simply disabling the Larger Text setting in the Accessibility menu:

  1. Open the Settings App

  2. Tap on Accessibility

  3. Tap on Display and Text Size

  4. Tap on Larger Text

  5. Ensure that ‘Larger Text Sizes’ is turned off

  6. Using the slider at the bottom, set the text size the middle setting (This is the most important step!)

That’s it! The Catholic Exorcism app will display the prayers normally.

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