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Renouncing Unholy Ties and Breaking Soul Ties Prayer

To be prayed by the afflicted:

+ Jesus Christ I confess that You are the Lord of my life and You alone hold the highest position of power and authority under our Heavenly Father’s throne. I proclaim that You, Lord, are my Heavenly Father and that Your throne holds all power, all authority and rules over all powers and principalities.

Father, I acknowledge and I am in agreement to all of Your ways and I am in full agreement to the position You have given your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, over my life. I sit myself at Jesus Christ’s feet under the truth of His teachings and I surrender and yoke myself to the mantle of His rule and power.

I renounce sin, Satan, his works and all of his minions of deceptive trickery, which come against the believer and the unbeliever.

Through ignorance I had walked a sinners walk and had talked the language that sinners speak before I came to accept Jesus Christ into my life. I had indulged myself with sinful behavior because I did not fully understand, or appreciate the love You had for me and I repent.

In Jesus Christ’s name, Father, I proclaim this day to be a day of washing sin from my life and a day of severing unhealthy soul ties from people whom I know have doors open to sin and who affect me because they do. I pray for a washing of the blood of Jesus Chirst over me and for the Holy Spirit to uproot and sever from me every cord that Satan has attached to me from these people to cause a work of oppression because of my association, former agreement, or what appeared to be my agreement for another person’s sin.

Those in brackets are to be prayed only by those who had sexual relations before marriage, or who have entered an illicit and immoral relationship.

[Father, I repent for having had unlawful and immoral sexual relationships and I seek Your forgiveness Father for every time I had neglected to listen to you, for I know this type of behavior does not reflect Your character. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, I seek to break off me every negative and spiritually dangerous connection my soul has made to each one of those sexual partners. Let their sins be theirs and my sins be mine and covered under the blood of Jesus Christ.

Father, if any one of these ex-partners has sinful behavior in their life, or are living in disobedience to Your ways, I want to clarify that I am not in agreement to any of their sinful ways, or disobedience. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that God’s Warrior Angels take their swords and completely sever each and every type of soul tie and attachment that have been connected to me from each of those sexual partners in that I do not take on any consequence to their sins, or any consequence from my prior involvement with them.]

In the name of + Jesus, and by the power of His blood, I now renounce, break and sever all unholy soul ties formed between NN. and myself, through the sin of _____(name the sin which caused the evil soul tied, such as adultery or fornication.) (3x)

I now command any evil spirits which have taken advantage of this unholy soul tie to leave me now in the name of + Jesus.

Fr. Winston Cabading OP, Catholic Handbook of Prayers for Spiritual Liberation and Exorcisms with Redactor’s Notes: For the Use of Priests Only, UST Publishing House, Manila PI,  pp. 22-23.

Renouncing Unholy Ties and Breaking Soul Ties Prayer
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