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Exorcist Diary #101: Cursed Objects*

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

One of our readers recommended I share her story. She and her family have been the sad victims of occult voodoo curses. As a result, their entire family has suffered greatly, despite persistent prayers.

Recently, a two-foot doll was placed near their office. They said security cameras recorded a large man, who seemed to be jumping around, placed the doll around 4 am next to the building. They believe it was a cursed voodoo doll.

When the office opened the next day, an office worker kicked it into the street. When he kicked it, he said it felt like "it was packed with hard rocks" and it hurt his feet. The following day he became really sick. Also, his car axle broke.

Now they are having a priest to pray over him, in addition to the medical care he is getting. Unfortunately, this office worker was not aware of how to dispose of cursed objects. You can find this in our APP ("Catholic Exorcism") under "Deliverance Prayers for the Laity" in the item: "Disposing of Cursed Objects."

We recommend people do not touch cursed objects with their bare hands. Sometimes people do get ill as a result. Normally, the laity can dispose of these objects. They should use holy water, ask God to lift any curses, and dispose of it through destroying, burning, burying, or throwing it in a body of water. The key is to destroy it so that it no longer resembles what it was. At that point, any curses and attached demons depart.

Unfortunately, some particularly evil cursed objects carry a related curse to it. If anyone tries to destroy it, then a curse is attached to that person. We have seen this in our own practice when a layman properly disposed of a particularly evil object. However, after a 45 minute prayer session with an exorcist, the attached demons departed. For such particularly evil objects, it is best that a priest destroy it since he has additional protections.

Objects can truly be cursed. What gives them their evil power is the practitioner invokes the power of Satan, consciously or unconsciously. Or perhaps the object has been involved in egregious sinful behavior. Why God allows such a thing we do not know. But we know it is real because we ourselves have encountered this reality several times.

*I did not include a photo in this post since some readers may feel threatened if a photo of a cursed object is displayed.


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