• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #102: Curses are real!

Our Lady of Revelation statue at Tre Fontane near Rome.

Like many Americans, when I first began this ministry years ago, I didn't think much about curses. They seemed to be a relic of pagan superstition. But Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the former exorcist of Rome, said that 90 percent of the possession cases he faced were the result of a curse. Hmmmm.....

Then, some years ago, I was riding a train to the suburbs of Rome on my way to Tre Fontane, a Trappist Abbey and the place of St. Paul's beheading. Across the street is the sight of a 1947 reported Marian apparition, Our Lady of the Revelation. So, it is a wonderful one-day pilgrimage from Rome.

While on the train, a young man, looking rather deranged, approached me and asked for money. I responded by offering him some cookies (I usually respond to such requests by giving food.)

He was enraged and stared at me for an uncomfortably long period of time, and then walked away. I first thought nothing of it but, within seconds, I felt spiritually attacked. It was like a gale-force wind blowing chaos in my brain. "Wow," I thought, "What is this?" It was strange, sudden, powerful and overwhelming.

Then, the inspired thought came, "The man cursed you." So, I laid both of my priestly hands on my head and prayed a deliverance prayer. Within seconds, it stopped and things returned to normal.

God has ways of teaching exorcists about their ministry. Curses are real, not because this man had any power of his own. Rather, people who curse derive their power from Satan, knowingly or unknowingly. Sadly, for that man, he was doing Satan's bidding.

The Scriptures are very clear, "Bless those who persecute you, bless and do not curse them" (Rm 12:14). We may never curse another person. Cursing others is the work of Satan. Rather, I pray for this man. May he come to know the joy and peace of salvation in Christ.


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