• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #104: Satan's Minions

The Temptation of Christ on the Mountain by Duccio di Buoninsegna (c. 1308-1311)

A husband and wife have been harassed for years by a woman who practices witchcraft and the occult. Unfortunately, there was an indiscretion and the woman gained spiritual access into their lives. Now she won't let go.

The woman sends them voluminous texts every day. They have changed their phone number over two dozen times and she immediately knows the new number and bombards them. This is clearly occult knowledge and gotten through her demonic connection.

Considerable prayers and breaking of occult ties and curses has not yet freed them from her. Moreover, despite repeated requests, the police cannot or will not help.

This individual is one of Satan's minions, that is, she is a person who has given herself to Satan and does his bidding. Through this woman, Satan is attempting to psychologically destroy the couple and over the years has been wearing them down.

In another case, there was a specially gifted, holy woman whose life and ministry was, as admitted by the demons, "foiling their plans." Another of Satan's minions began to stalk her, park outside her house, and harass her near the Church in an effort to get her to stop her pious life and ministry.

This minion also had occult knowledge, knowing many personal things about this holy woman's life. She was harassed and threatened for weeks. Eventually the minion gave up and left.

It is very sad when we run into human beings who are minions of Satan. In these two cases, it appears that God did not allow them to do any more than harass and tempt. But the emotional devastation can be great, such as in the first case.

Will Satan reward his human minions for their servitude? Rather, he will use them and drain them. Then, when finished, he will torture them for an eternity for his own sadistic pleasure.

Our prayers first for these people who are targeted by Satan through his minions. Should we also pray for the minions themselves? I choose to do so. No one is outside of the possibility of salvation on this side of eternity. But I am not hopeful.


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