• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #107: A Curse Lifted

A woman recently contacted us who had good reason to believe she had been cursed. We prayed over her and lifted the curse. Here is what she just wrote back and, with her permission, it is shared here:

There was a curse put on me that created a significant barrier to my finding employment and negatively impacted both personal and professional relationships. Since we met for deliverance prayers, I have found an excellent job.  Although estrangement from my family has not improved to any significant degree, I did go to visit my mother and one of my brothers and his children.  The resolution I received was an acceptance that the years of generational indifference to one another is something that will only change through prayer.  This resolution for me is reflected in the peace I now feel with this acceptance.  

Overall, almost immediately after our praying together, I can only describe that the presence of a “blocking influence” that I have felt for so long was gone.  This trial has been an amazing journey.  

I would like to share my story with those who could benefit from understanding the difficulties I had obtaining assistance.  Understanding and education in matters related to deliverance are still new to most dioceses and non-existent in most parishes. I think there are some clergy who could learn from hearing about my experiences.  

So again, thank you.  All praise and glory to God for allowing this trial to end. 

Many thanks to this courageous woman for sharing her story. And, of course, a special prayer of gratitude to Jesus, Our Lord. It was in his holy name that the curses were lifted.


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