• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #115: Slimed by Demons

St. Francis Borgia Helping a Dying Impenitent by Goya

After a few minutes of praying, the demons manifested. They were wagging her finger at me and shaking her head. I had been commanding the demons to leave and the response was pretty clear, "No!"

Then came a mocking, evil smile over her face. If there was any doubt that this woman was possessed, it was gone. The look conveyed incredible arrogance and a complete disdain. There was no kindness, no mercy, no sensitivity ... just contempt. I felt dissed and slimed.

So, I walked up to her, looked her in the eye, put a crucifix six inches from her face, and repeated the ancient formula: "Ecce crucem Domini, fugite partes adversae" and then I sprinkled holy water over her. Her body reacted violently. In an exorcism, the demons are engulfed in a holy torture which is worse than the fires of hell. They were writhing in pain.

It's called spiritual warfare and appropriately so. Recently an afflicted person went through a similar intense session and he was exhausted for three days after it. He asked why. I responded, "This is normal, especially in the beginning. There is an intense struggle and it is spiritually exhausting."

But eventually the demons weaken. The sessions become less intense. The afflicted person gets spiritually stronger and more full of life. The arrogance of the demons disappears and finally they leave with a whimper.

At the end of each session we do a "cleansing" prayer. We pray that the Blood of Christ would wash us clean of any evil that may have attached to us. We need that spiritual "shower." The demonic arrogance and dissing is ugly. But it is always washed away by God's grace.


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