• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #23: Riling Satan

A new exorcist recently asked me if he would likely experience some retaliation from Satan. At that, another experienced exorcist and I guffawed. I said, "Of course. You can't stick a knife in Satan's eye day after day and not expect him to get a little riled." The new exorcist blanched, "I thought we were protected?!?" Well, yes, we are protected from serious harm but that doesn't mean he won't do everything he is allowed by God.

In the photo above, one of our priest exorcists woke up with these scratches in the midst of a big case we were doing. It was clear from whence they came. We have had a variety of demonic harassment through the years, but never anything life threatening. Although I do remember walking down the stairs at 3am during that same case and having my legs fly out from under me. In retrospect, it was pretty dumb doing such a thing. Now I always make a sign of the cross before walking down the stairs late at night.

Should we stop doing this ministry so we would not rile Satan? Nonsense. Jesus is Lord! We follow him and do his will. If Satan is angry with what we do, that's good. We are not here on this earth to make Satan happy (which is impossible anyway). In fact, if in your entire life, you have not made Satan angry and have never been the target of his wrath, are you really a Christian?


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