• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #24: Demon Brain

I was sitting and calmly interviewing a person whom we thought might be possessed. The person is a practicing Christian and was speaking rationally and was clearly a believer. However, she was concerned, as was her priest, at her strange manifestations during prayer and especially when the priests subsequently prayed over her. Sadly, as a child, her parents had been heavily involved in witchcraft and other occult practices and they had offered up her daughter to these evil spirits.

As I was speaking to her, she suddenly changed her attitude completely. She looked fine but what came out of her mouth stunned me. She said, "Satan will defeat you. You will never get rid of these demons. They are too strong for you." I started to argue and to explain that Jesus defeated Satan on the cross and it was in his name that the demons would be cast out.

But the client wasn't budging. "You have no authority. It is useless." The other exorcist looked at me and said quietly, "Demon brain." " Of course!" I thought, "How could I be so stupid?" No good arguing with her because I was really talking to a pack of demons. Time to pray and I commanded, "Exorcizo te, Satanas!" (I exorcize you Satan.)

When demons get into people's heads, especially possessed people, they might look normal but they start thinking like demons, i.e., "demon brain" as we call it. I'll bet there's more than a few people that we meet during the course of a day whose minds are filled with demons. Listen to what comes out of peoples' mouths: is it a rational human being speaking or an angry, God-hating, arrogant demon?


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