• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #25: Isolation and Demons

One of our possessed clients seems a bit stuck. I inquired about her personal life and it turns out she is very isolated. She has no friends and stays by herself. I asked her why and she said that she can't make any friends, "No one will understand my situation." In recent weeks I have asked a few of our clients about their relationships and several have echoed the same isolation.

Demons themselves are isolated. There are no friendships in hell. Possessing demons work hard at keeping their victims isolated, thus making the possessed in their own image. If the possessed stay isolated and without the life-giving consolation and grace of true friendships, can they ever be truly liberated?

It is the demons who whisper in their ears that no one will want to be their friends; no one will understand them. This is "demon brain." The isolation of the possessed is a major hold on the life of demon's victims.

In order to be liberated, the possessed need to embrace the person of Jesus who is the source of all true liberation. And they need to return to the community of the faithful- not only worshipping with others but also enjoying the nurturing life giving relationships within. Living a life of isolation feeds the demons.


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