• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #27: Divine Grace or Demonic Trick?

We were doing an exorcism of a woman which was pretty challenging. At one point, as the team was picking her up to come to the session, this image appeared on her garage. It was clearly not natural. There was no light source, no shadows, nothing to explain its appearance. It happened a second time later in the process as well.

Was it a grace from God to encourage us? Or was it a ploy from Satan? In the midst of an exorcism, our rule is to assume any supernatural occurrence is demonic unless proven otherwise, especially if the possessed individual has an active spiritual life. We assume Satan is trying to manipulate the person, as is usually the case. Moreover, Satan is amazingly adept at mimicking supernatural realities (appearing as an "angel of light") so one often cannot tell immediately whether it is God's grace or Satan's ploy.

We never did determine the source of this image. It was not of this world. If it was Satan's ploy, he wasted alot of energy because it had no real impact. We generally took it as an encouragement from God, which is always welcome. Eventually, she was liberated. But I kept the photo. Any insights from others?


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