• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #29: Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Had an intense session today. The individual said that during the week the words "I am god" spontaneously came out of her mouth. It was distressing for her, being a good Christian. We recommended she ignore this obvious demonic rant. We have heard the same demonic boast coming out of the mouths of the possessed more than a few times.

During the session, when it came time for the "sanctus sanctus sanctus" (ie. holy holy holy) in the Rite, the demons reacted strongly. These words come straight from the Bible and describe the praise of God by the angels (Rev 4:8). This was the song the demons refused to sing; they refused to praise God and thus denied their own true nature.

While all demons typically find the chanting of the "sanctus, sanctus sanctus" odious, the group of demons we were addressing was especially strongly affected. These demons were especially stuck on the idea that they are "god" and they reject praising the one true God.

So, we stuck with that phrase for most the session: "holy holy holy." It worked and they reacted wildly. I reminded them that this was the song they refused to sing and yet it was their song. I also used the battle cry of St Michael in casting out Lucifer and his demons: "Quis ut Deus"-- who is like God? And of course the answer is: no one.

Praising God is the joy of the angels and it is our joy as well: "Holy holy holy is the Lord God of hosts!"


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