• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #30: "The Look"

One of the common signs we use to diagnose a demonic presence is "the look." When the person comes in, they appear normal. But when we start to pray, if there is an evil spirit, it will likely manifest within the first 20 minutes. Before beginning to thrash in reaction to the prayers, there may appear on the person's face- "the look."

This is something impossible to fake or for a human being to imitate. In the eyes is a look of overwhelming rage and pure evil. It can be unnerving staring into a demon's eyes and seeing such evil and a desire to destroy. Wow! When you see it, there is no question: the person is possessed!

The eyes tell it all. If God allowed the demon complete freedom, which He doesn't, it would torture you mercilessly and rip you apart. I have heard mystics, who have seen hell where demons are unchained, describe such tortures. It is all pretty upsetting, as it should be. There are some difficult parts of this ministry and staring into the eyes of raging evil is one of them.


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