• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #31: Demons & Coronavirus

Exorcism teams around the country are typically blessed with one or two individuals who are given spiritual gifts by God. These people are an important part of our teamwork and their gifts are much appreciated. I just received the following message from one such person. While such revelations are not official Church pronouncements, they can be special graces given by God for particular moments. Here is the message:


The Coronoavirus, while a legitimate disease, is highly influenced by the demonic.

Demons are exaggerating the fear of anyone who has the disease. Anyone who contracts the disease has the demonic directly affecting them- increasing their fear, pain, lack of trust, etc. They are also able to mimic, mask or heighten symptoms.

Around the street and around town, the demons of fear, gluttony, destruction are the three most prevalent demons right now.

The demonic is way more active than before; their activity is more pronounced, and they have less fear than normal. They are actively chattering about it, and they're taking full credit: "this is all us" is a common refrain. On the weekend of March 6-8th, demonic activity began to especially increase, and has stayed this way. Their 'limit'

seems to be nonexistent lately; their violent actions have become increasingly daring and brutal....

Just a thought: coronoavirus is a disease which kills off the more grounded, faithful generation. If you had to create a disease to kill the Pope- someone older, with respiratory problems, and resides in Italy- this is the one. This seems to be a clear attack on the Church....The Church is called to be the one constant in our life, and the demons are thrilled that mass and the sacraments are suppressed.

The demons have been clear: this is just the first wave of actual, visible attack on the Church. Whatever they're planning, this is "Just the beginning." Of course, this could always be a bluff.


Our response as believers is to trust in the power of God and his son, Jesus. Jesus is Lord! His death and resurrection have already crushed Satan's Kingdom and he brings Satan's plans to nothing. Even this, the trials of today, will redound to the glory of God and the salvation of his people.


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