• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #37: Don't Miss Lent 2020

We are all completely taken up with everything coronavirus. We read about it constantly; we talk about it incessantly; it is foremost on our minds. This is understandable. We need to pay close attention to it.

But we also know that it's Lent and we have only two weeks left until Easter. It would be very easy to let the entire season pass by without much notice. After all, we have an excuse: the churches are closed!

Yes, indeed, but heaven is not closed. God has great graces just waiting for us, if we would but open our hearts in the Lenten spirit. Many bishops, priests, religious and laity are doing creative and passionate things to help us prepare for Easter. I have two suggestions.

First, I downloaded paintings of the 14 stations of the cross and printed them out. Then I put them up on the walls with tape (it's only for two weeks) around my house. I made my home into a veritable chapel. Today, I made the stations of the cross in my home/chapel, walking from station to station and praying. It was nice. You can find the same photos and some prayers for each station using this link. Copy and paste it into your browser.

Second, we are stuck inside but we can watch movies. I suggest you download Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" and watch it again. The movie never fails to inspire and to bring tears of sorrow for what our Lord and his beautiful Mother suffered.

These last two weeks before Easter are a special time of grace, even amid the coronavirus. Don't miss it.


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