• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #41: Via Crucis 4- No Judgment, Just Love

When Jesus looked at the crowd in the praetorium yelling, "Crucify him, crucify him," his heart was only filled with love for them, and pain. There was no resentment, no bitterness or harsh judgment ... just love. And long before they put the crown of thorns on his head, there was a crown of thorns around his heart. His divine love was rejected.

He told the women of Jerusalem, "Do not weep for me. Weep for yourselves and for your children." He was giving himself in love and did not need to be pitied. But those who crucified him and thus all of us sinners should be pitied. Likewise, on the cross he prayed from his heart, "Father, forgive them."

Today is one week before Good Friday. It is also the first friday of the month and a day especially devoted to the Sacred Heart. It would be easy these days to become overwhelmed by our sins and overtaken by fear in the wake of the pandemic.

The remedy is presented to us again today. Let us take refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There we will find no judgment, no recrimination, no rejection ... only love. In the heart of Jesus our hearts find rest.


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