• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #43: Heaven is not closed!

Sadly, although understandably, our churches are closed. But heaven is not! God is showering his graces on us in abundance. Our spiritual lives should not be put on hold waiting for the end of the virus.

Did you see the Holy Father's Urbi et Orbi message with Eucharistic adoration? It was powerful, offered a plenary indulgence. I encourage you to watch it and pray- God will bless you (

Are you watching live-streamed Masses and other prayer services? These too carry powerful graces. God is not hampered by distance. Our prayer teams are praying with people online and we are witnessing great healing graces from the Lord.

Can't go to confession before Easter? Make a heartfelt Act of Contrition with the intention of receiving the Sacrament of Penance when you are able, and you will receive the grace of forgiveness. Can't receive the Eucharist? The examples of great saints actually receiving Christ in a spiritual communion tells us that God will share the graces of the Eucharist with those who fervently desire to receive but are not able.

Our church buildings may be closed but heaven is not. Graces are flowing in abundance. Holy Week is upon us and God has many wonderful graces prepared for each of us. So let us open our hearts in faith and trust that we will receive them. And we will.


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