• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #44: Via Crucis 6: Embracing Poverty Out of Love

The famous kenotic hymn of Philippians 2 tells us that Son of God "emptied himself, taking the form of a slave." Once incarnate, the Son of God lived a life of complete poverty, clinging to nothing for himself, only focused on the will of his Father. Perhaps the only real material possession he had was his tunic; he was stripped even of this as they nailed him to the cross.

Poverty of itself is not to be lauded. My parents, who came from immigrant families, grew up during the depression. They were poor. At times, there was not enough to eat. Sometimes they were assisted by kindly religious brothers. They eventually prospered.

Jesus embraced a different kind of poverty. He completely emptied himself culminating in his complete spiritual denuding on the cross. He was stripped of every human consolation, weighed down by the darkness of all human sin, and even experienced his separation from his loving Father. This complete poverty of Jesus was given out of love and thus it was filled with his divine efficacy.

In this time of the coronavirus and perhaps beyond, we are all being stripped of some kinds of human "possessions," some material, psychological and/or spiritual. Let us offer them out of love to the Father and out of love for our brothers and sisters, especially those who are acutely suffering. Our little sacrifices will be taken up into the complete sacrifice of the Son of God and will yield a great bounty of grace.


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