• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #45: Via Crucis #7: Look Up to Find Hope

As we travel on our Lenten journey, one insight that often strikes us is how very stuck in sin we are. Try as we might, we keep committing the same sins. We keep going to confession and mentioning the same sins. In our interactions with others, the same faults keep surfacing. We want to be "perfect" but it just isn't happening.

When we look out at the world, the same truth must strike us. While there are many wonderful examples of charity and holy people, the world continues to be mired in violence, prejudice, greed, lust and every vice. Given all that has transpired this last century, one could make the case that things are actually getting worse.

Thus, we are faced with a choice, regarding ourselves and our world: despair or hope. If we look to ourselves and only ourselves, the choice must be despair. But as we look up to the hill of Calvary we find our hope.

God knows that we cannot climb to the heavens under our own power. It's not happening. So God did it for us. The sacrifice of Calvary is our hope. In it, sin has been vanquished.

Good Friday is almost upon us. Perhaps our best response is to knell with Mary at the foot of the cross and say to Jesus, "Thank you."


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