• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #46: Demons in Exorcisms Recite Our Sins?

Often when people are invited to join exorcism teams, including priests, they are concerned that the demons will tell their sins in the middle of the session. Does it happen, or is this just Hollywood hype?

It does happen. The demons like to focus especially on the exorcist's sins and thus discourage his efforts. We have even had sessions where the demons bring up past sins, previously confessed. It seems that God has limited demons in what sins they can recite so we don't get it daily and their recital is limited.

How to respond? Normally, we ignore whatever comes from a demon's mouth. But the sins they mention are often right on target, so it is not good to deny it. Denial and lying are something demons do, not Christians.

Rather, my response is always the same: "It is true. I am a sinner. But I am not your problem. Jesus is your problem. And it is in his name that I cast you out!" When we honestly confess our sins, Satan's power is broken.

Some saints have witnessed that at the end of their lives as they lay dying, Satan came and recited their sins and demanded that they belong to him. But the saints looked to Jesus and asked forgiveness. They know it is his mercy, and only his mercy, that saves them. At the hour of our death, and even now, we ought to do the same.


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