• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #49: Via Crucis 10: Love Your Mother

No series of reflections on the Via Crucis would be complete without including the Mother of God. She spiritually suffered the full brunt of the crucifixion, being completely united to her Son and Lord. Today, on this Holy Saturday, she is bereft of her love, Jesus.

Jesus is taken away from her and in his stead she is given the Apostle John, a symbol of all humanity. She is given to us as a mother and we, like John, not only find consolation in her presence, but we are charged to treat her as Jesus did. We should love her and honor her the same.

This charge given to us is also our great joy! To love her is to open ourselves to the one who is "full of grace." In her we swim in a sea of love and her unfathomable graces.

Today, our beautiful Mother is bereft of her divine Son. Let us come to her and comfort her in her sorrow. Let us love her completely.


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