• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #63: Why should you be anxious?

In a session, I got spit at..again.  It reminds me once again of something every exorcist learns very quickly: demons hate priests!  Actually, it is not me they hate.  They hate Jesus.  When they see a priest, they see Jesus and lash out with their entire being in a raging fury.  Ironically, their hatred and violence only serves to do God’s will.  

They killed Jesus and it was their undoing.  I try to offer the spitting, cussing, and the other insults I receive from their mouths for the liberation of the soul we are praying over.  The evil and violence of demons, by its very nature, is self-defeating.  

As the years pass, I feel a greater sense of calm through it all.  No matter what happens, Jesus wins.  No matter what the demons do, they lose.  It is inevitable.  

It’s like watching an athletic match and knowing ahead of time that you will win...big!  In that case, you can sit back and enjoy the day.  This should be the lot of all those who follow Jesus.  Relax.  Jesus wins and with him, so do we.  Why should you be anxious at all?


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