• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #68: America Needs Deliverance (cont.)

If our country is demonically oppressed, then what must be done? As with any client who is oppressed, we start with closing the doors to the demonic. Stop sinning; stop practicing the occult; start practicing the Faith. Barring any nation-wide conversion and/or extraordinary Divine intervention, this is unlikely. In fact, all trends seem to be in the wrong direction.

But all is not lost! It has always been that the small barque of Peter with a little band of the faithful can turn back Divine judgment and "coax" the Almighty into shedding extraordinary graces on the people. The redemptive graces of Jesus' death and resurrection are infinite and our merciful God intensely desires to shed these graces upon us.

What must we do? Love God and love the people...completely. Judge no one- left or right, republican or democrat, black or white. Pray constantly. Invoke the Blessed Virgin. Pray that our little prayers and sacrifices be filled with the Spirit and share in the redemptive action of Jesus. Thus they will become immensely fecund.

God will not abandon the USA. I believe it has a special role to play in the Divine plan of salvation. But the influence of the demonic these days is palpable. The country needs you and your prayers right now.


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