• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #75: Touched by Grace...Again

People think of an exorcism session as an ugly encounter between the priest and the demons. The priest commands the demons to leave. A battle ensues with the afflicted person screaming, writhing, and often vomiting. Actually, this is true as often as not. But it misses the big picture.

Recently, during a session, one of our faithful team members had tears of joy in her eyes. She had the courage to journey with an afflicted person. In the midst of the session, God clearly blessed her for it and gave her a special grace.

An exorcism is a profound spiritual event. It is a powerful grace for conversion and healing, not only for the afflicted person, but for everyone in the room. We have been given to understand that at least one high-ranking angel from the rank of "Powers" is always present. Specific saints often come to our aid. And, of course, the Queen of Heaven is always close. In an exorcism, we enter the supernatural realm of the angels and saints.

I thank God for the gift of being an exorcist and being part of Jesus' healing ministry. It is a great grace for everyone in the room. God is never outdone in generosity.


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