• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #76: Satan in Your Head

All of us suffer from demonic temptations. It is just what Satan does. But, at times, Satan gets into our head and wreaks havoc.

Last night one of our exorcists was bombarded with intense thoughts of guilt and self-recrimination. It started subtly, but then rose to an intense "tornado" in the brain, beyond normal human experience. Finally recognizing that it was a demonic attack, he commended himself to the Virgin Mary, commanded the demons to leave, and sprinkled holy water on himself. It instantly abated.

Fr. Chad Ripperger, a seasoned exorcist, estimated that 25% of Americans suffer from demonic obsessions. He said people, by their sinful behaviors of the mind, are opening themselves to evil. Although, at times, Satan targets people to attack, such as exorcists, as part of his regular harassment of their ministry.

How do we know if the thoughts in our minds are simply our human weakness or directly demonic? Demonic obsessions can be unusually intense and powerful; they are out of proportion to the reality of our lives; and they may lessen or even abate with prayer.

To protect ourselves, we ought to focus our thoughts on good and holy things. We must steer clear of using our minds for evil or sinful behaviors. And, if we find our minds bombarded with obsessive, negative and self-injurious thoughts, we should commend ourselves to God and pray.


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