• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #77: Possession as a Grace!?!

To be possessed sounds like a disaster. God knows, it is a very ugly affair. I never say the word "possessed" when diagnosing someone. In the past, if we told them they were "possessed," they were devastated; some started to cry. I understand. Now I simply tell them they have some evil spirits and need to have Jesus cast them out.

But the reality is this: being possessed can be an occasion for an incredible grace! Many who are possessed have been mired in sin. Others have been cursed and/or traumatized. They have demons seriously infecting their lives. Still others have been tormented for years with medical science being unable to find the cause. They need help. They need Jesus and his healing grace.

When they are finally liberated, the formerly possessed are often in the first pews of the Church. They know the truth. They know how evil Satan is. They know that God cares and has freed them. In the course of their exorcism, they went through an extensive and very personal catechesis.

I wouldn't wish being possessed on anyone. But I have witnessed great graces as a result. For many, the experience led them out of hell and into the saving arms of Jesus.


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