• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #79: Demons Sending More Texts

I received some more typical snarky texts from demons. They were gloating over a possessed person and texted me: “She is mine, She has been handed over. There is nothing you can do.” I responded, “The Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) can.” I texted an “Ave Maria” and they responded: “No Rossetti!" The BVM must have interceded.

I then texted: “Vade Satanas” (meaning ‘leave Satan’) and they responded: “You will not.” Then they taunted me, “Do you see what happens?” Referring to them threatening to attack the possessed soul, trying to get me to stop praying. I ignored it and kept texting prayers.

I am happy to get texts from demons. At that moment, they are no longer hiding and are exposed. We can then focus prayers directly on them. It weakens them and helps to free the afflicted person faster.

When demons are exposed, they quickly lose the battle. You would think they would refrain from sending these exposing texts but they can't help it. They are so narcissistic and arrogant, they can't stop. They compulsively posture, threaten and boast. But it is all empty bluster.

All I can say is, "Send more texts!" Our little team will respond with prayers. God wins...always.


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