• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #81: An Infested House

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We received a call from a fireman who said his house had a problem. Shortly after moving in, many strange things began to happen. Lights turned off and on by themselves; doors unlocked by themselves; Alexa started to play music; one of the rooms became abnormally frigid; there was a red light in a hallway where no light could penetrate; he and his wife several times saw a dark menacing figure and more. It turns out the house had previously been used for drug and sex trafficking, and several people had been killed there in a shootout.

When houses are infested with demons, it typically is the result of sinful behaviors done in the building. Unnatural deaths, such as abortions, in a place are an especially strong opening for the demonic. Conducting occult rituals is also a huge open door for a demonic infestation. After such evils, demons may claim the place as theirs and threaten those who try to expel them.

The remedy is to exorcize the house. The owners should liberally use sacramentals including crucifixes, holy water, praying the rosary, and deliverance prayers. However, a deeply entrenched demonic presence may require the ministry of a priest. In such cases, he will want permission to use the Church's ritual for exorcizing a place and he may want to say Masses of reparation in the location.

Jesus always wins! But sometimes, it takes a bit of perseverance before it is totally cleansed.


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