• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #85: The Battle Rages

A seasoned exorcist called me* and said he was recently doing a session and commanded the demon to reveal its name. (By knowing the name, it gives the exorcist more power over him.) The demon, through the mouth of the possessed person, said with a mocking sneer, “You know who I am. I am Gressil. I am going to get you!”

Indeed, he had encountered this vicious, high-ranking demon a few years ago and cast him out. He responded, “I have Jesus. And the same thing will happen to you again. You will be cast out in Jesus’ name.”

For the next two days he was subjected to intense demonic obsessions. He endured these with faith and reached out for prayer. A fellow priest prayed over him and he is fine.

This exemplary priest gave us an example for these challenging times. He faced the demonic with courage. He responded in faith that Jesus is Lord and casts out the strongest of demons. He endured his sufferings as a sacrifice that God was asking of his priestly ministry. He humbly asked for assistance.

In our challenging times, we, too, should face the struggles and evils of our day with faith in Jesus. We, too, should embrace our sufferings, uniting them to Jesus’ cross. In Him, we, too, will triumph.

*Used with his permission.

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