• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #87: Pagan gods as Demons

Pagan gods are often demons. Invoking such non-Christian "deities" can actually be invoking Satan and his minions, whether intended or not.

In the midst of a session, one of the highest ranking demons was forced to reveal his name: "Baal." That name is associated with a Canaanite deity sometimes identified as the god of fertility or rain. Sacral sexual intercourse by pagan priests and priestesses, and sexual promiscuity, are associated with Baal worship.

So, we wrapped a priest's cincture (white cord used around the priest's waist at Mass) around the afflicted person's waist and commanded the demon to leave. The cincture symbolizes chastity and purity. Baal screamed, "Take it off! Take it off!" The demon of sexual promiscuity was tortured by it. Shortly thereafter, by the power of Jesus, he was cast out.

The sexual promiscuity of today reveals that Baal worship is very much alive today, whether we realize it or not. The antidote is chastity and purity which quickly casts out even the highest ranking demons.


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