• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #93: Demons- Brilliant or Stupid?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

In the midst of exorcism sessions, it is clear how much disdain demons have for humans. Their innate angelic intelligence and power given to them as part of their nature are much greater than ours. These natural powers were retained in the fall. They see themselves as superior to us and, by nature, this is true. Seeing such wicked disdain in the person's eyes helps us discern a demonic presence.

But demons are deprived of wisdom, which is a grace from God. Sometimes they act like immature, adolescent gang members, especially the lower-ranking demons. Also, their natural reason is corrupted by their being permeated by evil. They are like supercomputers with completely corrupted software; their thoughts are twisted and perverted. What Satan and his followers are particularly good at is tempting and manipulating. Their perverted intellects make them masters of evil.

Does this make a difference to us? Yes! As Pope Francis has said time and again, "Don't argue or fight directly with Satan." Whenever accosted by evil, we turn to Jesus to fight for us.

The demons are always dissing me. For example, they often say, "You have no power over us." My response, "This is true. But Jesus does, and in his holy name, I command you to leave!"

As an exorcist, I need to be especially careful of Satan's hidden manipulations. Behind the scenes, this master of evil is working subtly to snare us in his hidden traps. Thus, we need to pray much and listen to the Holy Spirit who unmasks Satan's evil plans and guides us safely through.


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