• Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Exorcist Diary #97: A Taste of Hell

We were discerning with a young woman and her family whether she was possessed. She had a long history of dabbling in the occult and she was starting to show a real aversion to anything of God.

When she came in for the first time, she was angry, agitated, and defiant. She spoke alot of negative nonsense about God and said that Satan was stronger than Jesus. No amount of reason could sway her. But then we started to pray over her. At the end of the extended session, she became a quiet, gentle soul who expressed her gratitude. She was at peace.

There are many signs whether someone is possessed. One sign is the presence of demonic traits or a foretaste of hell, especially when the person is manifesting in the midst of an exorcism. The Lord told St. Catherine of Siena in her Dialogues, that already in this life, the one who has chosen God tastes the "earnest of heaven" and the one who chooses Satan "tastes the earnest of hell." Heaven or hell already begin to show in our lives based upon our lives and choices we have made.

The stronger Satan is in our lives, the more we become angry, isolated, self-centered, disobedient, feel victimized, and blame God and everyone else for our misery. Satan promises his followers a great life but, like all of his promises, it is a lie. He will make a soul miserable in this life and torment souls beyond description in the next.

The stronger God and Jesus are in our lives, the more we begin to realize his promise of joy and peace. Gratitude slowly fills the hearts of the faithful. For my part, I am continually confirmed in my faith when I see the awful wages of sin and evil even in this life, contrasted with the joy that only God can give.

I go to bed each night thanking God for his presence in my life. It is our ministry to help return souls to God's peace, through the holy name of Jesus. I go to bed thanking God for this beautiful ministry as well.


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