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Goal and Tasks of Your Academic Paper

The goal is the desired (predicted) result, what the author of the scientific work is striving for. To simplify this process, the researcher divides the goal into small components, stages, which are expressed in tasks. The dissertation has only one goal. There may be several tasks. These postulates are designed to concretize the course of the study, the boundaries of the study of the topic.


After the formation of the goal and problem, the author will have to put forward his theory, which will solve all the nuances, optimize the situation, and contribute to the development of science or industry. The requirements for formulating a hypothesis are as follows:

  • it should reflect one position;

  • the hypothesis needs to be tested, so it must be realistic and achievable (performed);

  • the hypothesis must be unambiguous. To do this, it is recommended to use specific terms, precise wording;

  • the author's statement should be simple, concise and understandable, well-written.

Methodological basis

In this section of the scientific apparatus of the dissertation, it is necessary to indicate the techniques and methods that were used in the course of writing the work. This aspect reflects how the diagnosed and studied the problem, his creative potential, abilities.

The degree of scientific development

Here it is necessary to reflect the main works that formed the basis of the dissertation research. It is important that the sources of information are reliable, substantiated, fresh. It is recommended to reflect not only the works of famous scientists, but also their own scientific articles published in VAK-editions, projects of university staff, etc. Such a thorough approach will allow demonstrating the researcher's erudition, the depth of immersion in the topic.

Novelty and significance

Novelty is designed to reflect the innovations that the author proposes to introduce. After the “reform” has been carried out, it should also indicate how the proposed action plan affected the object of study. Here it is important to reflect the degree of achievement of the goal, the action (confirmation or refutation) of the hypothesis put forward, to note the solution to the problem. This will actually show the contribution (significance) of the dissertation research.

Thus, the scientific apparatus of the dissertation research coordinates the actions of the researcher, streamlines the process of studying the chosen topic and simplifies the assimilation of new information.

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