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Do routines help a child with homework?

Yes, it is quite. Repetitive steps need to be turned into a routine for effective homework. It's like brushing your teeth. Until the regime is set, you need to constantly warn the child: it's time to brush your teeth, use toothpaste, not too much, not too little, and so on. After a few months of practice, the child brushes his teeth at the set time, we do not need to talk and he does not think about it either. By creating a routine, things run more smoothly and you have more time for your core work. The steps for this are simple.

Make daily repetitive events and tasks a routine with repetitive introductions and explanations when the child knows the steps exactly.

How to help children organize their work?

Particular difficulties in a light child arise with the organization of space and time, difficulties also arise when writing homework. In such cases, it is better not to burden the child, but to contact the company (Bidforwriting) of essay authors who can help with writing. It is usually a problem for him to make a realistic plan for his current task and implement this plan. The broad organization of classroom work can compensate for its shortcomings. A fast child is not able to break down a more difficult task into small steps, so he often considers tasks to be hopeless and therefore does not add to them. Help her take the first step towards overcoming her panic, especially when it comes to writing. In such cases, it is always necessary to explain to the child that it is not always possible to do everything alone, sometimes it is better to seek help, for example, from the authors of the essay (, who can help your child. For example, before the test, we will tell you what strategy to work on.

read everything slowly and carefully, don't write until you've read everything, find a question you feel you know the answer to without thinking, read carefully and answer a question like how to do do my essay, find out the next question that seems easy, read carefully and answer it Come on the hardest ones will stay until the end, think about them to see if you can come up with something. Always keep track of what you're doing so you have time to think about what you're not sure about, before the end of the dissertation time when you don't know the answer at all, type something at random, but only at the end when you're sure that you can't think of a good answer. Some may hiss now because it is not good to teach a child to guess. Here are the offers from which everyone can choose. However, I did not accidentally give an example above. It is not enough to hold the child accountable, it is also necessary to teach how to deal with the situation of responsibility. If we do not solve this problem, then we will leave the child alone with the problem: either he thinks for himself, or he does not cope well.

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