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Why Choose a Vickers V10/V20 Series Double Vane Pump?

Reliable, efficient operation

Vickers V10/V20 Series Double Vane Pump is a reliable, efficient and compact centrifugal pump for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications.

The pump is available in a wide range of sizes from 2.5 through 100 cubic feet per minute (cfm). It has a compact design with an overall length of only 35 inches (900 mm) and can operate in either direction of rotation. The unique double vane rotor provides high performance with minimal vibration. The rotor design also reduces axial thrust on the motor shaft and eliminates the need for end caps or support bearings. This reduces cost, weight and maintenance while increasing reliability.

The V10/V20 Series features a high-strength aluminum alloy body with cast iron cover plate and impeller hub designed to withstand harsh chemical environments. It is suitable for high temperature pumping applications up to 400°F (205°C).

The low noise level ensures quiet operation while its high efficiency allows it to operate at lower speeds than comparable pumps without sacrificing performance.

Fewer parts for lower costs

The Vickers V10/V20 series double vane pump is constructed using fewer parts than other pumps. This reduces the total number of parts, which means less wear and tear, reduced maintenance costs, and a longer service life.

The single-piece body design eliminates the need for gaskets or seals that can fail over time. The double vane also reduces friction, resulting in longer motor life and lower power consumption.

More efficient operation

The Vickers V10/V20 series double vane pump has been designed to provide more efficient performance than other pumps on the market today. It provides high pressure at low speeds, which means less energy consumption per unit of flow rate. With lower power consumption and better efficiency, you can expect lower operating costs with this pump compared to similar types available on the market today.

Quiet operation for comfort and safety

A Vickers pump is a powerful machine that can provide the high pressure and flow needed to operate your equipment. One of our most popular pumps is the V10/V20 series double vane model. This unit is very durable, quiet and has a long life span. The V10/V20 series double vane pumps have been designed for use in industrial applications where high pressure and flow are required.

The Vickers V10/V20 series double vane pump has been designed for use in industrial applications where high pressure and flow are required. It has been built to last with a cast iron body and impeller which makes it extremely durable. The shaft seal can withstand very high pressures and temperatures making it ideal for use in extreme environments such as chemical plants or refineries.

The V10/V20 series double vane pump also features an advanced design which includes large diameter vanes to ensure maximum efficiency at all speeds while minimizing noise levels making it suitable for any environment including hospitals or healthcare facilities. The large diameter vanes also allow the pump to handle higher viscosity liquids like oil or hydraulic fluid without sacrificing performance or efficiency due to cavitation caused by small pumps having too much suction lift (head).



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