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These are stories of angels shared by our followers. 
Many thanks to them all!


I thought I would share my personal encounter with a good angel.

One day in the springtime, about 20 years ago, my husband left to go to work at 4 a.m. and I was asleep by myself in our two story home.  Around 9 a.m., I got woken up to a strange sound. When I opened up my eyes, I noticed that two panels of my fabric vertical blinds, located in the middle, were moving rapidly hitting each other producing that sound. All the other blinds were stiff as a board except for those two panels in the middle.  No windows were open, no fan, or any other type of air movement was in the room.

When I was watching it move, I wasn't even afraid, but at peace. At the same time, I thought to myself that someone was telling me something.  I got out of bed and walked to my door. After I opened the door, I immediately smelled something burning.  I quickly rushed downstairs to find out that my dryer was on, and very hot. The clothes that were in there were burning and extremely hot to the touch.

Long story short, I found out that my husband put something in the dryer around 4 a.m. and the dryer never shut off. It was running constantly for 5 hours or so.  

If I didn't get woken up by those blinds, I'm sure I would have lost my house.  I thank this good angel for getting my attention.

Thank you for letting me share my story,


I was placing St Benedict medals on all of the window sills in my house. One was high above a stairwell that I could not reach even with a ladder. So, I asked my Guardian Angel if he could help it land on the window’s ledge when I threw it.  When I threw it from pretty far away, it bounced from the wide sill, up to land on the skinniest part of the window frame right in the very center of it! I literally laughed out loud that he even outdid my simple little request:)


I talk to my angel in my heart often. I’d read somewhere that you can send your guardian angel on errands of mercy. A coworker I’d never met had a catastrophic fall and was “brain dead” and on life support. His devastated wife kept an online journal of the situation. She was Jewish and mentioned that he had been raised Catholic but was not practicing. She also mentioned she was carrying another couple’s child as a surrogate (how awful!), so it appeared my coworker was not in a state of grace. As it became apparent he was nearing his end and that his wife had no concern or awareness of Catholic end-of-life rituals, I asked my guardian angel to please see to it that he received Last Rites. When his wife later updated her journal, she mentioned that a priest had happened to stop into his room an hour before he passed and gave him the final sacrament. Errand of mercy accomplished! Not a direct vision or personal encounter, I suppose, but a beautiful testament to our angels working with us and among us in truly tangible ways.


I have sensed at times over the last 30 years or so ( I'm 63) what I believed to be my guardian angel helping me. The earliest was probably when I was once doing the 15 prayers of St Bridget and was faithful in not missing even one day's prayers during that year. One night it seemed I had help. I was sitting on the couch late and was tired but started the prayers anyway. At some point while praying I fell asleep. I was very much surprised when a gentle voice most clearly woke me up in saying, "Aren't you going to finish your prayers?" No one else was even awake in my house then. I instinctively felt it was my guardian angel and smiled, thanked him, and then finished my prayers.


When I was about 4 yrs old my grandmother looked after me as my parents went off to work. She taught me my prayers and every day before taking a nap I would say the Hail Mary and the prayer to my Guardian Angel.

One day I remember bouncing down the stairs singing "Jesus loves me" and as I jumped to the second step I tripped and started falling forward. When I started falling I felt as if someone or something was holding me up by my elbows and I landed softly on my feet never hitting one step as I fell. As I turned around and looked up, on the top landing, was a figure with long wavy blond hair, bronze colored skin, wearing a bright white gown with a gold colored cord tied around its waist and not only did he glow but there was an immense amount of peace, for I wasn't scared. Even though he never said anything nor had any wings, or at least I don't recall seeing any, I knew it was my guardian Angel. I then looked down at my feet and when I looked back up he was gone. I immediately ran back up the steps, to tell my Grandmother that I saw an Angel, who responded , "That's nice".  I then went back  to hopping down the steps singing "Jesus loves me" hoping that he would return,  of which he never did.  I have only shared this story maybe 4 or 5 times in my lifetime as it has always been very special to me and still is, as it has always snapped me back during times of spiritual trials, doubts or questioning of my faith, reestablishing without a doubt of God's  love for us and the existence of Guardian Angels.


About 31 years ago my husband and I were watching Mother Angelica Live on television.  I believe her show was on twice a week at that time. We never missed it. The topic of that particular show was about guardian angels. I watched with much interest and innocently asked, I wonder what my guardian angel looks like? The following morning while still in bed but fully awake, I looked forward where a double window was. I saw a vision of what looked like a young girl’s face. If I could guess her age I would say young teens. She was beautiful, with golden brown hair. It was tied back but could still see that it was wavy. She looked at me and smiled. Not a toothy smile but a gentle sweet smile. This vision only lasted for a very short time.



Since St Faustina, St Pio & St Gemma all had close relationships with their Guardian Angel, I have asked them to help me cultivate a closer relationship with my own Guardian Angel. I ask him to teach me when I'm reading spiritual books (written by saints or Early Fathers of the Church or more contemporary Catholic authors). I ask for his help in many things, both spiritual & temporal. He even gives me extra strength when I need it (I'm 63 & have many health issues).


I was driving into town to run errands. I came to the 1st stop sign & was planning how I would get to each stop I needed to make. I planned to stop at my niece's last.  I heard a beautiful voice say, "Why don't you go to your niece's now?".I was able to pull into the left turn lane just as the light changed & drove the few blocks to my nieces. She had just lost her husband the week before. When I went into her home, she was in a terrible state. I was able to offer some comfort & shared that my angel had said to go now. She was very touched & still mentions that after all this time. Thank you Lord for our guardian Angels.



I was driving on the freeway 55mph, at least.  I hit a slippery patch on the road.  I completely lost control of the car.  I sensed something take control of the car as it spun around on the freeway 360 degrees.  The car completely turned all the way around and I was driving, in my lane, straight again.  There was no accident.  The freeway was full of cars.  It was a miracle.  I credit my guardian angel.  Thank you, God.


When I was 16 years old, I was involved in a terrible car accident. It was June 16, 1996, and I was a passenger riding home from the beach and my parents were following behind us. We were hit head-on by a drunk driver. The jolt sent me first through the windshield, the airbag came out, and I was sent backwards into the seat. The car started to spin and I was thrown through the closed passenger window, and across 5 lanes and landed in a ditch a foot from the telephone pole that the drunk driver's car hit. The person driving my car was paralyzed from the neck down. I remember hearing the glass break, but I couldn't feel anything. Everything was dark and I felt wind blowing past my ears and had the sensation of falling. I then felt myself "caught" - I looked up and saw the face of my grandmother who had passed away three years earlier, but she was younger (30s?) and had reddish hair which I never knew her to have, and it was twisted back (from pictures now I know this is how she wore her hair). She had on an ivory, flowing gown, gold, silver and bronze "ropes" or tassels, and she had wings back in a resting position. I heard the wind going through them and could see the feathers moving. She had on no shoes. She said "It's okay, honey, I've got you." and she flew across the road with me (5 lanes of traffic!) and laid me down on the other side. She disappeared. I was given CPR and immediately told my mother I wasn't going to make it, I had seen my Nana. I saw her again when I was airlifted, she was sitting by the window at my feet to my left. She said "Isn't it funny how when I had my stroke, you were all laughing saying how MAD I was going to be since I was afraid of heights and had never flown! Now here YOU are flying!" and then she disappeared and I never saw her again. That was a true story - when she was airlifted after her stroke we had that very conversation in the car on the way to the hospital. One of the eyewitnesses to the accident said that he had seen many accidents, but had never seen anyone float across the road and land like a feather. I didn't break any bones, but did have a few facial reconstructive surgeries from the windows.


One day I was putting on sunscreen getting ready to head out the door to work at my ranch. As always, I should have left much earlier as the day was heating up. I heard very loudly, “it’s changed, it’s changed”.  It was a voice unlike my own that communicated the message with great urgency. I thought, “What’s changed and why does it matter if something’s changed”? Then I thought about screening for skin cancer; one of the concerns is if a mole changes in appearance. I stopped what I was doing and looked at my face. Nothing looked different. Then, I twisted my neck and looked at both sides. There it was. On the side of my neck, hidden from the frontal view when I put on my sunscreen, was a mole that was asymmetrical in shape. While I didn’t know if it had changed because I had never seen the mole before, it definitely was a concern. It looked wrong. I called the dermatologist’s office right away and said that I needed an appointment because I thought I had a skin cancer. I eventually got in and had a biopsy done. I didn’t hear anything from the doctor for almost two weeks. I called to check on the biopsy and the dermatologist called me right back. She said that the results came in 20 minutes before I called. Stage 1 melanoma. Because it was caught so early, the prognosis was very good. I simply needed the area excised. There was absolutely no way I could have seen the mole so it wasn’t a subconscious thought bubbling to the surface alerting me to something. Then, tragedy struck shortly after and I lost my son.It is because of this overwhelming loss that I have strengthened my faith.  The risk of sinking into a pit of despair is real. I know that one day we will all be together again. When I have doubts (often daily) that I will see him again; that there isn’t anything more than life here on earth, I remember that something alerted me to the melanoma on my neck. This realization of a guardian angel helps to banish the doubts that could potentially cripple me. I have started praying the rosary for the first time ever in a desire  to strengthen my relationship with God.


Several years ago, I was praying with friends in a small chapel annexed to my parish, and I found myself considering the extraordinary love my guardian angel must have for me. I believe he has saved my life twice by intervening physically (another story). So I was feeling very grateful and wanted him to know it. Also, I previously lived a troubled life with much sin, now thankfully in my past, praise God. It occurred to me that I have required my guardian angel to accompany me into some dark places. But there I was, in a quiet chapel, embraced in and embracing the love of my Savior and Our Lady, and I knew my friend was there, too. With a little bit of humor, I expressed in my thoughts, “Dear friend, I want to take you only to nice places from now on.”  In that place of love and gratitude, I heard as a kind of locution: “I am a humble servant of God.” This makes perfect sense as something spoken by a guardian angel: when you consider the brilliant holiness of angels, and consider that they have to be at the service of beings like us, you can certainly understand how humble they must be! Anyhow, that is how I address my guardian angel, in prayer and otherwise: Humble Servant of God, thank you for your care. Accompany me every day, and I will see you face-to-face, God willing, one glorious day.


While attending college I had to make the 58 mile drive each way in our very old, but fairly trustworthy Buick.  The trip was often done in the intense heat on the Interstate.  One afternoon I was coming home from classes.  It was a beautiful day with light traffic and everything seemed more or less normal.  I was heading home at a good clip when I heard a voice interiorly shouting, "Get off of the highway now!"  I reflected that this could be one of those moments of excessive imagination, but considering I was approaching an exit and felt I could benefit from some caffeine, I opted to get off and go to a nearby gas station.  Since I was there, I pulled up to a gas pump to top off.  I got out of my car and someone immediately pointed my attention to the front of the car.  Coolant was rushing out onto the pavement from underneath the engine.  My water pump had split in two!  I ended up having to have the car towed to a nearby garage and spent the night at a motel until my wife could come to pick me up with our three very young children.  As I recall this event, I cannot help but believe my guardian angel was speaking to me in the only way I would hear!


Many years ago I had taken my mom to a buffet on an outing. She was sick with congestive heart failure, and I was trying to show her a good time. She was sitting on a bench waiting for me to bring the car around to go home. I went to the car and got in. I look out past the car parked in front of me, and it was like I saw a figure materialize right before my eyes. He was dressed in jeans and a shirt. He came directly over to my car. He was very boyish and had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I thought at the time his eyes were heavenly and this was a divine spirit, not of this world. He said that his car had ran out of gas and if I could spare a couple of dollars for gas as he didn't have his wallet with him.. The whole time I was talking to him, I felt/sensed that I was not talking to a human being. I gave him a couple of dollars, he thanked me. He turned away from the car to go the gas station near the restaurant. I immediately looked in my side view mirror and he had vanished. There was no way he could have gone anywhere in a couple of seconds. My mom had a full view of the car. So I asked her if she saw the young man at my car or walking away. I described what he looked like and was wearing. She said she had seen no one at the car or walking away and she had been looking at the car the whole time wondering why I was still sitting there. I truly believe I did experience the supernatural that day. As I write this, it is still vey real and truly feel that this was a divine being. It has been 15-20 years since this happened.


I was 18 years old and living with four other young ladies from the beauty school I attended. One Friday night I told the girls I was going for a walk and left the house.  Nothing seemed to be going right.  I felt so lonely that I couldn’t stand being alive; I felt like I wanted to die.  I had nothing to look forward to, it seemed, but suffering.  As I walked down the street, the realization of not being able to harm myself hit me, but I knew that if I walked around unescorted long enough, somebody else would, so I began following a star.  The star led me to a church, and I felt that was where God wanted me to be.  I approached the church, hoping there might be someone there I could talk to.  There were two large wooden doors.  When I attempted to open them, I found they were locked.  I began pounding on the doors with my fists; thinking is this some kind of sick joke.  I was so angry at God that I began cursing Him and doubting that He existed. Where are you?

[Some men arrived.] “Hey baby, where ya going”, were the first words that I heard them say.  “To jump off the bridge”, was my reply.  Before I could utter another word, each one of them had one of my arms, asking me, “Have you got time for a cup of coffee?”  “Sure, I said, why not.”  They practically lifted me of the ground as they led me into this little dump of a restaurant.  I had my coffee, alright, and in the course of our conversation they asked for my phone number and I gave it to them.  After all, I’d be dead before the night was through, so it didn’t matter to me who had my number. One of them excused himself to go to the bathroom, and upon his return suggested we all go for a ride.  Some ride, they took me right home.  My roommate greeted us at the door.  She invited them in and took me to my room, and a barrage of questions followed.  “What the hell’s the matter with you?  Haven’t you been taking your medicine?  Where is it?”  She dumped all the contents out of my purse, onto the bed, and found the valium.

The following morning, I asked about the guys, the Hell’s Angels, and she told me that before they had brought me home, one of them had called her and asked her if she knew what I was up to.  When he found out she didn’t, he asked her for the address, and that’s how they knew where to bring me.  Here I was thinking he was going to the bathroom, and he was calling her.  Their insignia’s read Hell’s Angels; it should have read Heaven’s Angels. God had answered my question.  He was there I just didn’t recognize Him.

She gave me back my medicine, saying “Please don’t forget to take this, and the next time you’re on a downer come talk to one of us, o.k.?”  Yes, it was o.k. with me.   I went back to my room and pulled out my poetry.  I read all of it over and over, and then just laid there thinking of God.  I guess I just wasn’t meant to die that night or I surely would have. She took the rest of my pills and left the room.


A few months ago, I fell ill, with a severe case of food poisoning which had me vomiting violently. So much that I wasn't able to breathe at the moment of disgorging my stomach, and I feared that I would faint and perhaps asphyxiate because of this. It happened in the middle of the night. With my wife then being 8 months pregnant: totally unaware at that moment and sleeping soundly, thus unable to help me. So, as I felt myself drifting away from consciousness, I also felt a little "nudge" to pray. And that I did, with my last thread of thought. "Dear Guardian Angel, please help...", I said. Then, immediately I sensed a "soothing" touch in my diaphragm, a peaceful but strong force alleviating me, and, at the same time, a tranquil, calming and beautiful "voice" inside my thoughts saying: "You're safe...". Afterwards, I emptied my stomach one last time, but without violence. And I felt great after that, as if I had been just a little sick. Not horribly sick as I had been initially.


About twenty years ago, I had a strange accident while driving. An old truck came up behind me, bumped my car and pushed me into the grounds of a car dealership. I knew I was out of control and heading fast toward a row of brand new vehicles on display. I turned toward the truck that wrecked into me and saw the face of such an evil-looking man who could not have been human.  He was laughing and had his mouth open wide so I could see ugly deformed teeth. His truck took off speeding through a red light away from me. About the same time, I felt a gentle but strong movement on my steering wheel turning my car away from the evil truck. I felt my car sort of flying or gliding slowly into a grassy part away from the cars on display. I looked over to the passenger side and saw a man sitting there. It looked like only his head was there because I didn't see his body, only something see-through that resembled clothing. He had a human face. He was kind and strong at the same time. I started to ask who he was but couldn't open my mouth to talk. He said "I am your guardian angel Stephen." All I could do was look and not speak to him. He disappeared then. I found myself by a woman who was clipping shrubs. She asked me if I was okay. I said yes and asked her where the man was who was in my car with me. She told me that there wasn't anyone else but me. She saw my car speeding toward the row of new cars and trucks but then landed on the grass. I wasn't hurt. I went home and prayed to God thanking Him for sending my guardian angel to help me.


Twenty-two years ago when my son was almost 3 years old, in an attempt to improve his health, I put him on a dairy- and gluten-free diet. Back then there were very very few allergy sensitive foods. No crackers. No cookies. No pasta. In an attempt to find supplements and food, I went into a health food store. It wasn't my first time, but I still was not familiar with the products. Also I had a heavy burden upon my heart. (family problems, his bad health/autism… Change of diet, alienation, and a loss of socialization.) Anyway, when I entered the store, facing the entrance and doorway and standing just right there, was a very beautiful tall blonde-haired man. He was wearing a totally white suit with double breasted gold buttons and a white officer's hat. His shoes were white. I didn't look at him too much because he was so attractive. After I shopped and paid at the counter, I walked toward the door. The plastic bags that I was caring broke right in front of him. The bottoms gave out. That in itself was strange. Stranger still was that he was still standing there 10 feet from the front door. When the items fell on the floor right in front of him and rolled everywhere, he helped me gather them up into new plastic bags. He was very kind. Because of his extreme beautifulness, I barely looked at him and kept my eyes down mostly. When I left, he kept standing there in the same spot as when I entered. He watched me leave. Years later when computers became available, I looked several times for a uniform like what he was wearing and never found anything similar. I believe he was there as a sign from God to let me know that God is with me, helping me, and guiding me.


I grew up attending the Guardian Angel parish and i believe that because of the love and guidance I received there I truly believe my Guardian Angel has interceded for me on multiple occasions. In addition my father would always pray night prayers with us and it was the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary and the Guardian Angel prayer. The first memory I have of his intercession is as a little girl of maybe 4 years old. my Aunt was taking my older cousin about 12, my older brother about 6 and myself to a neighborhood grocery store. The walk was short but it required us to walk up a bridge that traversed a canal. It was a very busy street and it went up a small hill over the canal so that when the cars went up the hill they couldn’t see the street on the other side until the went downhill. The grocery store was across this little bridge. On our way back at the bottom of the hill my older cousin took off running to the house, my brother followed quickly afterwards and then I remember letting go of my aunts hand and running after them. At that moment a truck was coming up the hill right as I was chasing after my cousin and brother. My aunt let out a scream and I stopped mid street. At that moment I saw the front of the truck in front of my face. There was a screech of breaks then one moment I was in the middle of the street and the next I was on the side. I don’t know what happened but I did not move. The person driving the truck never stopped. They just sped away. I remember neighbors rushing outside and my aunt getting my hand saying I thought you had been killed. I think at that point I started crying and we headed home. To this day I have the memory of the front of the truck in my face. If you were to stand in front of an 18-wheeler that’s how my memory is to this day. I am certain that I was moved safely to the other side of the street by my Guardian Ángel. I can only thank God’s grace and my Guardian Angel that I’m still here today.


My first encounter was when I was just married, I asked my Angel to tell me when to take my hard boiled eggs off the 10 minutes, I took them off and they were perfect!  Later, as I saw the world getting worse, I decided to say this prayer daily: St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael and all the nine choirs of Angels please chase Satan and all the demons out and away from me, from in & around my apartment, my car, bank account, my identity everywhere, from my town, iPhone, TV, my place of employment and stop their evil plots against me.  Amen. After this, I started to notice a special protection over and over again...not that life was without problems, but that managers who were mean to me left my job, one apologized to me for being mean. There was one young guy, who was picking on me, and they hired an older man named Michael, 😁 who saw this young guy's bad work habits, too, and the kid was finally fired with both of us reporting to the managers, (another lady he picked on actually quit bc of him)!  ...As if they had my back! Praise God for His Angels!!! 


When my mother-in-law was in her final moments, the family was standing at her bed when I received two firm taps on my left shoulder, I turned around thinking it was my brother-in-law, but no one was there. A moment later, I heard a voice, close to my left ear, telling me to go pray. I quickly went to the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel and dropped to my knees before the Crucifix and Eucharist. I prayed that Jesus would take my mother-in-law's hand and guide her through the gates of Heaven. At that moment, my cell phone rang and my sister-in-law said, it's over, Mom has passed.


I cannot remember the year when I saw my guardian angel, but I do remember the day. It was the

memorial of the Queenship of Mary, Monday, August 22. This narrows the year to 2011 or 2013,

because on those years this feast fell on a Monday, which has been my day to lector at daily Mass for

about 30 years. I had no thought of my guardian angel that morning, although I have had a good

relationship with him for at least 50 years. It was around 7:25 am when I emerged from the sacristy and approached the ambo just before Mass to place the lectionary with the readings for the day upon it. I put the lectionary down, said a brief prayer to the Holy Spirit for guidance, adjusted the microphone and looked out into the nave. There were quite a few people there that morning, but my eyes fell upon one person who seemed to be so “present” to me. He was seated just behind my usual seat and, although he must have been at least 25 feet away, he seemed larger than life and very close. He had shoulder-length black hair and was dressed in a red robe. But what was truly remarkable was the joy on his face and the love for me in his eyes. I wondered who

that person could be with so much love for me, so evident and so radiant. I was mesmerized by this intimate love which said, “I love you and am so proud of you.” It was confusing in the sense that I had no idea who this person was, and yet he looked at me like a brother or a best friend, and I knew he loved me deeply. I kept my eyes on him and smiled back at him. Then I walked to my seat and facing him, I smiled again and bowed my head to greet him in appreciation. I knelt down, still feeling surrounded by love. Then thinking I should introduce myself I turned around, but he was no longer there. I rose and looked out over the congregation to find him, but he was nowhere to be found. A woman in the same pew as he told me there had been no one sitting behind me. Immediately I knew who he was. He was Michael, at least that’s what I always called my guardian angel. And I thanked the Blessed Virgin Mary for this great gift. She was our Queen and the Queen of the Angels and today we honored her.


I have had two encounters, possibly, with a good Angel. They happened before I converted to Catholicism from evangelical Christianity. As an evangelical Christian, you learn to respect or even revere angels, but it is forbidden to try to communicate with them. To do so would be considered occultic. So the idea of relating to my Guardian Angel appeals to me, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it....

Anyway, the encounter I best remember happened back in the summer of 2006 when my 13-year-old daughter and I were visiting my parents in West Virginia. My daughter was ill and got very sick one day while we were there. She seemed somewhat better when I put her to bed that night, so I fell asleep rather quickly in another room. Around 2 or 3 in the morning, I woke up suddenly and was very concerned. I went in to my daughter and found her very feverish and painful. I woke my mother who took us to the ER. My daughter had appendicitis. Her appendix ruptured before surgery, so her hospital stay was prolonged. Her prognosis was uncertain for a couple of days but thankfully she recovered. She told me later that she had been dreaming before I came in. In her dream, she was at a fancy ball where people were dressed up, dancing and hanging out. She was on the sidelines, not feeling like doing anything. She told me a lady with blonde hair came up to her and asked if she was okay. My daughter asked the lady (in her dream) if she could go get her Mommy (me). That's all my daughter could remember of the dream. I guess I came in shortly after that.... Technically, I suppose my daughter had the angelic encounter, but whatever it was I feel it was of the Lord. I still get teary thinking about it. If I had not gotten up, I hate to think of what would have happened with my daughter. She seemed to be too sick and too painful that night to get up and come to me herself. Whatever happened that night, I am very thankful!


Recuperating from a back surgery and facing an uncertain recovery, I was out walking the Back Cove trail in Portland Maine in early evening one March evening and while walking and praying, looked up from the trail and saw a most beautiful creature headed towards me on the loop trail (a circular loop that encompasses about 3.75 miles around Back Cove). I was praying the rosary as I recall, and simultaneously running through my mind all my favorite intercessors — Saints Josemaria Escriva, Ignatius, Gemma Galgani, Pio, Teresa, Therese, Catherine of Sienna, Faustina, Charbel, Cecilia (my patron), etc. — many more. I’ve found over the years that I can pray the rosary and mentally talk to my friends the saints at the same time!] As I first gazed upon the person I was immediately mesmerized as our eyes met. Wow, what lovely flowing wavy blondish shoulder length hair parted in the middle, I thought, and as she/he approached I witnessed an indescribable beauty. A glowing, happy, radiant face and a slight smile. As we passed one another, I was speechless … and confused. Was this creature a beautiful, slender, woman or a man? I was baffled … and stunned … and instantly unsure of what or who I just observed. An example of pure beauty I had never seen before — simple, and yet with a powerful aura. I was drawn to find out more about this creature. I thought to myself — you dummie! You saw her or him coming to you, why didn’t you say something? Instead, I walked on … still stunned and mesmerized but what I had just encountered. After about 25 more yards of walking, I quickly turned around to see again what I had just observed and was surprised to see as I was turning around, this creature turning around looking at me at the same time. I thought again — man or woman (?), and now it entered my mind — is this person or creature a supernatural creature, an Angel? And if so, is this person or creature a good or bad person or good Angel or a dark Angel? What is its purpose here? I turned back around and started thinking to myself … I will not turn around and run after this creature. Nope. That’s crazy. This is a loop trail, a circle, and if I continue around in about 15 minutes or so of walking we will come face to face again — in a better lit segment of the trail, near the parking lot. Sure enough about 15 minutes of walking I saw him/her walking towards me on the trail. I thought to myself this time I’m going to have the courage to stop this creature and ask him or her who they are and why they are here. And why they looked at me in that curious way. As we finally met face to face again, I was once again captivated by the beauty of this creature but was again confused — man or woman (?) … or something else. Slender like a woman but … ? I felt the same powerful aura of what I would describe as compassion and caring, and power. Simply a feeling of love; the same feeling I encounter when deep in deep contemplative prayer. This time, we both stopped. I looked at the creature and said (rather rudely I guess in hindsight), “Who are you?” No response. Just a smile. On instinct, I quickly got a piece of paper (probably a receipt out of pocket and wrote my phone number on the scrap and quickly gave it to him or her, saying “we have to talk sometime (?)”.  (Please note while I often have paper receipts in my pocket I rarely carry a pen or pencil but this time I had one). Then, quietly but with great authority, the creature said to me looking straight into my eyes with a smile, “I expect good things from you.” He/she then took the scrap of paper, folded it and placed it in his/her pocket, smiled again a most beautiful smile, and then slowly started to walk again on the path, in the same direction as she/he was previously headed. I was dumbfounded. This time, I quickly looked back at him/her and as she was heading away from me I observed on the back of her dark colored ski jacket (it was cold — Maine in March) two white semi circles. I thought — what? They look like wings! Then, I thought — your mind must be playing tricks on you. You have a crazy imagination. But there they were. An oddly designed jacket I thought. Or symbolic wings. I then headed to my car … thoroughly confused yet exhilarated. I thought this creature must be an Angel; a good Angel as his/her only comment to me, out of the blue was that he/she expected “good things from me.” I later related this story to my confessor--he was interested but largely unimpressed and said simply, “yes, it could have very well been your Guardian Angel. That’s how these things work sometime. But don’t dwell it.  Continue your prayers, mass, rosary, use of intercessors, and you can ask for support and assistance to God from your Guardian Angel.” Which I have done every day now for many years. I feel the presence of my Guardian Angel.


I was driving too fast on a narrow country road because I was late for a meeting. As I approached a car going slower than me, I sped up to pass it. Once I was in the other lane, I heard a voice of urgency, clear as day,  command me to get back into my lane NOW.  It was said with such volume and urgency that I immediately obeyed. Just then, a huge buck with gigantic antlers ran into the left lane and stopped.  Had I not obeyed, I would not be here to tell this story. That happened in the 1980s but it is a very clear and traumatic memory with a joyful ending. I’m grateful God gave me the presence of mind to immediately get behind that slower car again. Praise God for guardian angels !!!


I would like to share my personal experience with my guardian angel. I was in a daycare that time, 5 years of age, when I decided to ran out from that particular daycare. It is because the teacher of my teacher has been rude to me. I ran away to go back to my home. As I run crossing a street, a fast-moving vehicle hit me and I was thrown away to a huge wall at the street sides. Now here comes the peculiar situation:

My body was about to hit that wall with a huge impact when a really small old lady came out of nowhere. That wall is 30 meters long and there is no way a person could easily pop out from it since it has no other passageway. The old lady caught me in the air and so I was not able to hit the wall. She carefully helped me stand up and asked if I was okay. As I was about to look at her and answer her, she's already gone.

I was confused because an old lady like that cannot walk fast nor catch me at a certain height before hitting a wall but she did. Also, I never had any scratch on my body nor any wound or bruises. I was brought to the ER that time and miraculously, there is no sign that I got hit. The man who was driving the vehicle was brought to the police station because an off-duty police saw the whole scenario the time when I got hit and the time when he saw me flew away but suddenly he sees me standing up like nothing happened. He never saw the old lady that I was talking to. Now, I am 26 years old and I do believe it's my guardian angel.


My Mom died in the early morning hours of 12 Feb 2013.   That evening, I was standing in the kitchen talking with Our Lord while making bread; looking to my right into the living room I said, "My mom's not here anymore."   IMMEDIATELY I felt my very tall guardian angel to my right, he placed his left arm around my shoulder with such consolation and peace.  There was so much "said" in that embrace.


I believe I saw my daughter's guardian angel. When she was about 5 years old we were at a state park that had a dam with rushing water. She had managed to climb up and was walking alongside the dangerous precipice. (She wasn't unsupervised but you know how quickly these things happen with kids.) I turned to get my husband and in that 2 seconds, I realized a man was at her side. I started running towards them told her stop stand still we are going to lift you down. The man disappeared.


On one occasion several years ago, my friend went into medical distress while we were camping.  She was unable to walk to get to my car, so I knew I needed help.  About ¼ mile away, through the woods, was a cabin with several men who were in our group (BSA Leaders training class).  I asked my friend if I could leave her for a minute to get help and she said that was fine.  It was completely dark and I had to cross a field (no moon light) with many gopher holes and lots of tree limbs laying on the ground and then run uphill on the road that was full of large pot holes.  I knew time was important, so I prayed for protection from falling as I ran full speed to the cabin for help.  I made it all the way to cabin and back very quickly (adrenaline) and without so much as a small stumble on any of the numerous obstacles that I was unable to see during my run.  Later, at my friend's funeral as I was asked by her friend (an MD) exactly what happened, I told her everything and told her that I was unsure how I exactly made it to the cabin and back without falling or being injured myself.  She replied to me, "On the wings of angels".  I had thought this myself, but was unconvinced until someone else (she is not catholic) told me this out loud.  I was unable to save my friend (even with lots of CPR until the ambulance arrived), however, I was able to hold my friends hand and keep her company while she died which was a true blessing to myself and her family and friends. 


I was an atheist at the time, though Catholic by birth and upbringing (nominally, anyway).  I had left the Church not long before the age of Confirmation and immersed myself in worldly pursuits.  I was playing bass in a cover band while attending college.  Late one night, after a gig, I was driving back to my hometown along a two-lane highway (i.e., two lanes heading south and two north, separated by a median with tall bushes).  There were very few cars on the road at that hour.  I had turned off the music in my truck, thinking about the show and the next day, when I suddenly had a strong, insistent sense that I should move from the left lane to the right.  I calmly did so, and within a second or two a very fast-moving car shot past me in the left lane with its headlights off, heading in the wrong direction.  I had no idea how or why the driver was on the wrong side of the highway, but I knew that I had narrowly escaped what would surely have been a fatal collision given the speed at which I was moving and how fast the phantom car had been going.  It felt in the following moments as though I was not in the same world.  The experience was marked by a strange stillness that I had never felt before, as if I was somehow outside of myself in some way.  It's difficult to describe.  I can explain it now no better than I could then, and I have often wondered over the years since whether I might have been moved by some angelic power to change lanes at just the right moment.  I couldn't sleep when I got home, just lying there staring at the ceiling, haunted by the knowledge that I might well have died that night.  It remains vivid even today.  Was it an angel, perhaps?  I don't know, but that's the closest I've ever come to that kind of experience and the only thing that has ever made me wonder about it.


About 18 years or so, I was riding my bike to work. When I was about a block away from a busy intersection, my bike “slowed down”. No changing of the gears or any extra pedaling could make it go faster.

I didn’t understand what was going on as I never had problems with my bike before. I struggled onward and just as I was about to enter the busy intersection …. a guv ran the stop sign in front of me! My reaction was “Really? Didn’t you see the stop sign?!” But when I got to work and told my Christian co-worker what had happened… she told me “That was your guardian angel!”

My faith at that moment was just beginning to grow.  I had been baptized a Catholic but did not grow up in the church, so I knew very little of the Catholic faith. I remember pondering what my co-worker said and asking myself “Do you believe in guardian angels?”

Thanks be to God! . . I’m a practicing Catholic now and can say “Yes! I do believe in guardian angels!’ And thinking back about that day, I think “Yes! That was my guardian angel keeping from danger!”

Thank you God for our guardian angels!!!


I was a child: I was out climbing a tree (hidden amongst a small grove of other trees and bushes and weeds, a little ways out behind our family's house), when—after I managed to get up, to the main "fork" of the tree, about six or seven feet off the ground—i realized that I honestly had no way down.  I said an act of contrition (I honestly believed I would die up there), then something occurred to me, and I tearfully asked my guardian angel to go to my sister and ask her to come outside and help me; made this prayer several times, when I heard our sliding door-wall (which opened out onto back porch) open and close, and I looked up and saw her putting her jacket on as she headed back towards me.  I called out to her (it was fall, so I was a smidgen more visible, since many leaves had fallen already), and she came over and helped me down.  I asked her why she was there, and she said, "I just got this random, very strong feeling that I needed to come outside for some reason."


There was an occasion or two in traffic on the highway in my 20s when my car decelerated or I felt my foot being pushed on the brake when I wouldn’t have chosen to do so. In my most vivid memory, I barely missed a multi-car pile-up thanks to that pressure on my foot to brake. My guardian angel had a role in my coming into the Catholic Church.


Mine is very mundane but I am convinced that I met my guardian angel. Driving back home across country I stopped in New Orleans. It was approaching dusk and I was walking through the streets just being a tourist. At one point I was about to go down a side street. A man sitting on some boxes at the corner spoke to me. Here is the exchange (word for word - I still remember it). “You don’t want to go down there.” “I don’t?” “No, you don’t.”  “Why not?” “There’s evil down there.”  “Really?” “Yes, really.” And then I continued down the main street without turning down the side street. That’s it. But it has left a lasting impression on me that I recall often. I don’t know what it means or if it had any impact on my life or not. But I’m convinced it was my guardian angel. Some additional “details.” He was not a young handsome man like in many true angel encounters I read about. He was probably in his 50s. I can’t describe him at all but he was not handsome and not ugly. Even his clothes did not make any impression on me either way. But I find it interesting that he did not tell me what to do or warn me or try to convince me or give me any evidence or any details or specifics of anything. He merely said “you don’t want to go down there.”  Also, I don’t want to make this sound like it was some kind of mystical experience - because it wasn’t. It was very routine except, for lack of better word, I would say time stood still during the encounter and my surroundings were not apparent to me. It is like looking at a photo where the subject is in sharp focus and the rest of the picture is blurred out. The feeling is difficult to describe but I would say that during that brief encounter the interaction was the only thing that mattered and the only thing that was in existence. I was not aware of the street, the sidewalk, the buildings, any cars or people. It was just the two of us. Immediately thereafter, everything was back to normal. So there it is. As I said, very mundane but DEEPLY impressed upon me and I can viscerally feel it each time I think about it (including now as I type). No one will ever convince me that it was not my guardian angel.


Years ago before cell phones my mother and I had a flat tire along a deserted river road bike trail.  We were attempting to change the tire with great difficulty. Literally out of nowhere a friendly guy on a bike ‘drops into the scene’ and changes the tire very quickly.  As I was thanking him he said it's the 68th one today I changed    and then he left the same way he 'dropped in '. Another time I was on my way to an audition and stopped at a gas station for gas. A friendly man approached whose face had a 'glow'  and told me I was going the wrong direction....ends up he was right.  I had no idea nor had I said anything to him at all about where I was headed.


I was vacationing with my wife in Kauai. We took a hike on a very difficult trail in the north of the Island. It was 4 miles in and 4 miles back. The trail was so difficult that there were several places marking the number of deaths along the way. As we approached the end of the trail we reached a stream and hopped across some rocks to get to the other side. I dropped my walking stick in the river and bent down to pick it up. I slipped into the water and was shocked at how cold it was. Quickly I moved to the edge and climbed out. I soon started panicking that I could have a heart attack and wouldn’t be able to get help. No phone service, no roads, no place for helicopter to land. I started hyperventilating. Soon I calmed down. My wife wanted to climb up the last difficult part to reach the beautiful waterfall and pool but I was spent and needed to calm my nerves and regain my composure. She left me there alone. I was a little disappointed she left me alone, even though I understood her wanting to reach the falls. On the way back I was weak and worn out. We had forgotten to bring enough water or food and I was really feeling dehydrated. I was concerned for myself and decided I should pray the rosary to help me get back home. About a mile and a half away from our starting point and 6 hours into our hike we say two folks way ahead of us. One was an older woman kind of large, overweight and grey hair. Maybe late 60’s or early 70’s. She could barely walk. It was a dangerous part of the trail with sharp rocks and uneven paths. A young tall man with long blond curly hair was holding her foot and guiding each step by placing her foot on the step ahead. As we approached I was confused. How did they get this far up the trail and how the heck would they make it back down in her condition and with sunlight fading. I also noticed she had a big smile on her face. He stood up for a second and looked at us with a reassuring smile. They both spoke to us as we got closer and offered encouragement saying, great job you’re doing fine. Keep up the good work. You got this. I was appreciative of the encouragement because I had some serious concern I would make it to the end, I was so tired, thirsty and hungry. But at the same time I felt confusion because they looked like they should be getting the encouragement from us. She couldn’t be taking more than one step every 30 seconds since she depended on him to place each foot on the ground as he bent back over to help each step. He had blue eyes and looked European but no accent. My wife and I both said thanks and “you too” as we kept our walking pace and not stopping. As I walked past I felt totally reinvigorated and I wanted to stop and ask them how they got up here and if she was alright, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even slow down. After we past them I realized this was strange and kind of jokingly to myself said, they must be angels sent to help us. After we were a couple hundred feet away, my wife said, “I kind of wonder if they were angels?”. I’m agreement I said, “yes! So did I!!!” But oddly we didn’t stop to turn around or look back or try to engage them. We just kept walking pondering the surreal ness of it all. His look was just like the St Michael or St Raphael angel cards I see. This vision is so clear after all these years. I’m sure they were angelic. I don’t know who the old woman was and have never heard of an old woman angel. But she was very reassuring in spite of her limitations to walk.


When I was 5 years old (as best I can figure),  I started first grade.  We lived in Pennsylvania 5 miles from the nearest small town where my Father worked.   My Dad would drop me off on his way to work at the end of our 2 mile dirt road in the morning to wait with some of the rural kids for the school bus.  In the evening, I was dropped off by the school bus in the same location but my Dad was not able to be there for another 2 hours as he worked in town and we only had 1 car.  My mother was home taking care of my 3 younger siblings.  So my options were to go to one of the other kids houses or to walk home on the 2 mile dirt road that intersected the abandoned Coal Strip Jobs. None of the families were particularly welcoming and the children were older and they wanted to tease younger ones, like me, so I walked home.  One day in the Fall after the first day of school as I cleared the 100 yards of woods, waiting for me at the end of the woods were wild dogs on either side of the road.  For those who have not heard of wild dogs - I am not sure exactly other than that they lived on their own in a pack/s and had no owner, they were not wolves, but about the size of a small German Shepherd type of dog.  I had overheard my Dad and others talk that they had seen or heard wild dogs in the area sometimes when they were out at night hunting raccoons. The road came out of the woods and was flat for a short distance before it started up a small hill.  The dogs were waiting on the flat area before the hill.  I was very afraid but remembered not to turn back into the woods and run or to stop walking.  I did not talk or sing, I just kept walking at my normal pace and prayed to God for help.  I stayed in the middle of the single lane dirt road while at least 2 dogs were on one side of the road and 1 or 2 on the other side (I can't remember exactly).  I just remember they were on either side, with their tongues out and growling with their teeth bared. As I passed between them I continued to pray for help and remembered not to show fear but to act bravely. As I passed between them, I could just about reach out and touch them we were so close, but it seemed that there was an invisible electric fence keeping them off the road.  They were suspended in time unable to move from the grassy/weeded side of the road.  They seemed as though they wanted to step onto the road but they could not - something or someone was preventing them from moving.  I did not turn around but seemed to pass between them with time standing still and flying by at super speed simultaneously.  I can't remember my steps, I just remembered I felt at peace and brave and I was assured in my heart that nothing was going to happen to me, I did not feel that I was alone although I saw no one else.  As I came close to the hill, the dogs were released from their suspension and turned and yelped like they were afraid or hurt by something. O saw in the corner of my eye that they ran back away from the road as fast as they could go. Within a minute or less, I heard my mother and siblings singing and talking.  They had come to meet me, thinking they could get to me before I walked into danger.  They had rocks that Mom told them to pick up and put in the buggy and they also had rocks in their hands.  Mom never told me how she knew that I was in trouble just that she tried to rush as fast as she could, which is hard to do with a baby and 2 toddlers.  She felt bad she was so late to reach me but she thanked God that I was OK.  My Dad and the other men in the area put on a hunt that weekend and we never heard of or saw another wild dog in our area.  I was never permitted to walk home again by myself but when my brother started school we walked that same road together until I entered fourth grade when we moved into town.   Over these 70 years since that incident, it rarely comes to my mind but I know in my heart that the Lord saved my life that day for a reason and I owe him everything.


In the early 80’s I worked at a transportation company in a big city. I was young and starting out, working 7 days a week 12-hour days and taking home $116 a week. One day I walked into the dispatch office and saw one of my bosses on the phone. I heard a voice in my head that said, “this call is about you.” Then I felt as if a large sword was being inserted in the top of my head straight down the center of my body. No pain just a sensation and awareness. It turned out I was falsely accused of an awful crime and had to report to a precinct and be interviewed. I walked into the station and was directed to see a Detective.  I walked past a gauntlet of angry looking female detectives and found myself in front of a detective that looked like Angie Dickenson who questioned me thoroughly and then sent me home saying this charge does not add up.

Later there was a civil suit and the lawyer for the insurance company researched the detectives name who I had provided and for the police report. He had very good connections with the Police Department.

He told me there was no police report on file and there was no record of the Detective I spoke to or even anyone who looked remotely like I had described. I believe she was an angel. I can’t explain the sword sensation but maybe Saint Michael was shoring me up with his sword, I don’t know.

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