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  • Exorcist Diary #197: Priest "Slimed" in Exorcism

    ["St. Catherine of Siena beseiged by demons," detail, unknown artist] It was a rough case for sure, but much progress was being made. Several team members of laity and priests were present for the sessions. For this session, the afflicted person’s priest-spiritual director was also present, which we encourage. It was his first participation in a solemn exorcism of a possessed person. For solemn exorcisms especially, we carefully screen who is in the room. We admit only mature Catholics who are strong in faith with a recognized calling for this ministry. Still, the first session can be a bit overwhelming, especially when there is a strong manifestation of the Evil One. Nothing can really prepare you to look into the face of complete Evil. Ugh. When the lengthy session ended, the Exorcist, as always, prayed the cleansing and protection prayers. Then the team adjourned to the next room to meet and recap. The priest-spiritual director was present as well. At one point, the priest tried to speak but kept messing up his words. He said he couldn’t think straight and had problems talking coherently. He was confused and added, “I can’t understand why my brain is not working.” The Exorcist asked him about his symptoms in more depth. He concluded, “It sounds like you've been ‘slimed’" (borrowing a popular movie expression). The Exorcist reminded him of a movie scene when an evil presence went through a person leaving behind a slimy residue which mentally disoriented him. “Yeah,” the priest said, “It kinda felt like that.” So the Exorcist did another round of cleansing prayers for him and the entire team. These “prayers for protection” and the “cleansing prayers” at the beginning and end of an exorcism session are important and largely effective.* But in tough cases, some demonic effects can break through. At these times, a second round of cleansing is needed. As an exorcism team, we endeavor to practice our ministry with integrity. We are obedient to all the Church teaches and to our ecclesiastical superiors. It is important for us to "stay under the umbrella" of the Church's protection. We willingly do so. Nevertheless, in particularly difficult cases, we can get "slimed" and have some passing, limited demonic symptoms. We take it as a small price for being involved in this ministry. And we pray that our little sacrifices are an additional grace to the suffering people who come to us for help. Our hearts go out to them and we pray for their swift deliverance. *Protection, binding and cleansing prayers can all be found on our app: "Catholic Exorcism" or on our website:

  • Exorcist Diary #196: Priests Cursed by Witches

    [ "The Exorcism of the Garasenes Demoniac", Sebastian Bourdon, 1653] "Sarah's" mother was a high-ranking satanic priestess who introduced her daughter to the practice of witchcraft when she was very young. Sarah said each week six witches gathered to curse priests and the bishops by name. They sat around an effigy of the priest and ritually cursed him. She added that there were many covens in her area and all were weekly cursing different priests. In her 20's, Sarah had been practicing witchcraft for twenty years and it was taking its toll. She couldn't sleep. She had horrible dreams. She had no energy. She was mentally and emotionally a wreck. She wanted out and sought help from a priest exorcist. He welcomed her and prayed over her weekly for a year. It turns out she had been fully possessed but, finally, she was freed. While practicing witchcraft, Sarah did not realize that the person who was first and foremost cursed by her rituals was herself. She did not know that their "powers" really came from the actions of demons. She unwittingly had been a servant of Satan. Upon liberation, she was very grateful to God for freeing her. The Exorcist shared that one of the most powerful interventions during the sessions was the rosary. He said, "It was like throwing petrol on a fire"-- the demons howled in agony. Likely the Virgin Mother's holiness, as the perfect woman and mother, was particularly odious to those demons who promoted a distorted and evil image of both. Priests (or anyone) living a solid Christian life of sacraments and virtue are largely protected from the curse of a witch, although some harassment is possible. We exorcists just assume we are being regularly cursed. If one steps out from under the Church's protection and/or strays into sin, the curses can more easily take root and cause havoc. The number of people practicing witchcraft in our country is rising exponentially. The number of priests is dropping. There are spiritually difficult times ahead. But, in the final analysis, all the witches in the world are powerless in the presence of Christ.

  • Exorcist Diary #195: Demons Tortured by St. Michael Prayer

    ["St. Michael and the Dragon," Antonio del Pollaiolo, c. 1460-1470] I strongly encourage those afflicted by demons to regularly attend Mass. But I know that it is difficult for them, especially for the fully possessed. When someone is possessed, there is a kind of interpenetration of the bodies of the possessed with demons. Thus, the possessed will often feel some of what the demons feel. So their lives will, at times, be a living hell-- literally. For example, when placed in contact with anything holy, the possessed will typically say they feel excruciating pain. They will say that cold holy water burns. When looking at a crucifix, their eyes will feel like they are on "fire." When encountering a priest or a Catholic Church, they may feel intense hatred. I asked "David," who formerly belonged to a Satanic cult and is now possessed, to do his best to attend Sunday Mass. He valiantly tries but has only managed to attend once every few months, if that. He said that when he is able to attend, "I can't say the prayers while I'm there or respond to them like everyone else does." David added, "It's torture to be there, with all of the statues, and pictures that surround me." He went on, "All of the people and the priest praying is such a loud noise that it makes me so angry." And he concluded, "When they say the St. Michael prayer, I can hear the demons screaming. It's so horrible and frightening and painful." I love the Church's sacramentals. They inspire and strengthen us. But they also serve an important apotropaic function: they are abhorrent to demons and help to cast them out. I noted especially David's comment about the St. Michael prayer: it frightens demons, causes them intense pain, and they scream in agony. I will be more diligent in using this prayer in our future exorcism sessions.

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    St. Michael Center Videos Deliverance Prayer Session June 27 Recording of the Deliverance prayer session from June 27th, 2022. Watch it here! Deliverance Prayer Session May 23 Recording of the Deliverance prayer session from May 23rd, 2022. Watch it here! Freemason Renunciations Msgr. Rossetti and Joseph lead the Freemason Renunciations for those who were Freemasons themselves or had ancestors who were Freemasons. Msgr. Rossetti ratifies it at the end. Watch it here! Deliverance Prayer Session April-26 Recording of the Deliverance prayer session from February 26th, 2022. Watch it here! Witchcraft 2021 Msgr. Rossetti gives a talk outlining the state of witchcraft in the world today. Watch it here! What to Do If You Have Demons Msgr. Rossetti outlines what to do if you think you have demons affecting you. He discusses effective spiritual practices including the use of sacraments, sacramentals, and appropriate deliverance prayers. This is a good introduction for those with demonic problems. Watch it here! Deliverance Prayer Session Watch it here! A Deliverance Prayer Session by Msgr. Rossetti for those who are being afflicted. The Reality of Curses: Livestream With An Exorcist Watch it here! Listen to a presentation entitled "The Reality of Curses and How to Defend Oneself" and some Q&A.

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    Manual for Spiritual Warfare - Paul Thigpen "Like it or not, you are at war. You live on the battlefield, so you can’t escape the conflict. It’s a spiritual war with crucial consequences in your everyday life and its outcome will determine your eternal destiny. You must engage the Enemy. And as you fight, you need a Manual for Spiritual Warfare. This guide for spiritual warriors will help you recognize, resist, and overcome the Devil’s attacks." -Amazon How to Purchase Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity - Fr. Chad Ripperger "Prayers for use by the laity in waging spiritual warfare from the public domain and the Church's treasury. The book has an imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Denver." -Amazon How to Purchase Minor Exorcisms and Deliverance Prayers - Fr. Chad Ripperger "A manual containing prayers in English and in Latin which are minor exorcisms and deliverance prayers. This manual contains translations of the Latin prayers into English." - Amazon How to Purchase Catholic Handbook of Prayers For Spiritual Liberation and Exorcisms With Redactor's Notes - Fr. Winston Cabading O.P. A downloadable book of prayers that include many blessings and prayers reserved for priests. Download Parish Ritual - Fr. Weller "This liturgical book is a new version of the Ritual that is similar to what was called the Collectio Rituum, having most of the features of that book. Moreover, we added an extra appendix which was not in the original. This Latin/English Ritual will certainly be a benefit for all priests who wish to have a useful travel-size book." - Amazon How to Purchase Catholic Handbook of Deliverance Prayers - Fr. Jose Francisco C. "This catholic handbook includes the most pertinent information and generally used prayers in the ministry of deliverance including rules for deliverance of persons, deliverance session prayers, and more. (NB: This book is from out of the country)." - St. Paul's ​ How to Purchase ORACIONES DE LIBERACIÓN: Para Uso de los Laicos - Fr. Chad Ripperger Oraciones para que los laicos las utilicen en la guerra espiritual desde el dominio público y el tesoro de la Iglesia. El libro tiene un imprimatur de la Arquidiócesis de Denver. Como comprar Rituale Romanum 1962 Pars 4 "The 1952 typical edition of the Roman Ritual, updated to include all decreed changes by the Sacred Congregation of Rites from 1952-1962, although no changes were made to this particular part of the Ritual during those years. Part 4 contains the Rite of Exorcism. (Title XII)." - St. Anthony Press How to Purchase

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    Donate to the Center Your monthly or one-time donation helps the St. Michael Center to continue its spiritual renewal, healing, and deliverance ministry, including assisting priests and those in deliverance ministry with the best practices and resources. Thank you for your generosity!

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