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  • Exorcist Diary #141: Servants of Satan

    Hieronymous Bosch "Death and the Miser," c. 1490-1516. I am always surprised when I encounter people who willingly give themselves over to Satan’s service. It is one thing to struggle with temptation and to fall into his grasp through sin. It’s another thing to willingly choose to follow him. The Father of Lies would like nothing better. At Satan's own defection, he sought to be god and wants people to serve him. Thus he tempted Jesus, "All of these [kingdoms of the world] I shall give to you, if you will prostrate yourself and worship me" (Mt 4:9). These past few weeks (see Diary #140), we have directly encountered a Satanic cult.* They have been recruiting followers by threats and coercion. They have been actively cursing and manipulating young women. We have been supporting one who is valiantly resisting. Several Satanists have been arrested, but there are more at large. It is particularly disturbing to have confirmation of these cult members’ collaboration with Satan. They have hidden knowledge of their targets provided by demons, and they use it to harass and manipulate them. It is clear that their actions are ultimately being directed by high-ranking demons, whose tattoos and images are displayed prominently on their bodies and in their dwellings. One of the arrested cult members claimed to be receiving "sexual favors" from a fallen prostitute in hell. Actually, this is not impossible. While demons do not have bodies and cannot have physical sex with people, they can manipulate people's minds and sexually stimulate them (see Diary #127). Second, we have encountered witches who likewise have occult knowledge, levy curses, and torment people. They, too, are in league with Satan. They receive their hidden knowledge from demons who direct the witches’ actions, and make their curses potent. Thirdly, our team has encountered two of Satan’s minions, unknown to each other, who traveled separately from other States to target a specific individual in our area. They clearly were on a specific mission from Satan and used their occult knowledge to find and harass a holy person who is a potent force in frustrating Satan's plans. About her, one of the demons exclaimed, “She is foiling our efforts!” In each of these cases, Satan has specific targets in mind. He directs his minions to carry out his will and he empowers their evil actions by the help of lesser demons. So far, each of these efforts by those in Satan’s service has proved futile. The targeted individuals turned successful to the true God for help. Satan tempted and harassed, but Jesus saved. But what of Satan’s servants? Will the King of Hell be grateful and reward them? Satan is a complete narcissist. He only does what serves him; there is no gratitude in him. He is also a sadist, and he derives pleasure from dominating, possessing and tormenting. Those who serve him on this earth may be promised great rewards but, in the end, all he can offer is pain, torment, and despair. He has nothing else to give. Some have expressed incredulity at these revelations of Satan’s minions. I can only say that these are our direct experiences. As one object of a witch’s curses said to me, “I would never have believed it until I experienced it myself.” The family of the target of the Satanic cult is likewise stunned at the organized collaboration between demons and Satan's minions to attack them. Personally, I am dismayed to encounter people who willingly subject themselves to the Prince of Darkness. How could they be so blind? For those who serve Satan, despite promises to the contrary, it will never end well. *Sadly, this Satanic cult is located within the military. I have been told that the Church of Satan is a recognized denomination in the U.S. military. I do not think the Founders of our Nation had such in mind when they fought for religious liberty.

  • Exorcist Diary #140: Decorated Soldier Busts Ring of Satanists

    Her 2.5 ton army LMTV vehicle exploded when it hit an IED. She dragged two American soldiers from the burning vehicle; shot four insurgents and stabbed a fifth before lapsing into a coma. During her four deployments to Afghanistan, she was decorated with a bronze star, purple heart, meritorius service medal, and two battlefield promotions. Back in the USA, a ring of Satanists targeted her, underestimating the strength and character of this petit-looking 5'2" 113 pound young Catholic soldier. These men were targeting virtuous female soldiers, trying to bend them to their evil. The Satanists threatened her and said if she did not murder a certain named individual, they would kill her younger brothers and sisters back home.* One of the members of the cult had this tattoo on his arm: It appears to be an image of Aka Manah, a demon of "evil desire." When someone tattoos the image of a demon on their bodies, it is like branding an animal to its owner. These men were willingly under the control of Satan. When they accosted and threatened her, this decorated army soldier knocked the first one down, where he laid bleeding. The others fled in fear. She had the presence of mind to surreptitiously tape the conversation and it was also videotaped with cameras on the premises. To the credit of the senior Army leadership, seven members of the cult were immediately arrested and are now in prison, awaiting trial. One of these Satanists confessed to multiple crimes including covering up murders of innocent people. She is a decorated soldier who heroically serves in our armed forces and, I suspect, a powerful soldier in the Army of Christ. *For an example of a Satanic influenced murder, see the story of Sr. Maria Laura Mainetti, who was killed and recently beatified.

  • Exorcist #139: Heavenly Signs in a Fire Rainbow

    It is over. The horrible case of possession (see Diary #135), for which so many of you generously fasted and prayed, is finally over. Baphomet and his minions left.* Two days earlier, as the May crown was being placed on the statue of Our Lady, Fr. Ray, a great priest and one of our spiritual warriors, was surprised to see his parishioners going down on their knees in a hushed, reverent awe. Turning, he saw this rare "fire rainbow" in the sky. In recent weeks, I had been commanding the demons, using the words of the Rite, to tell me the day, hour and sign of their departure: "Dicas mihi ... diem et horam, éxitus tui, cum áliquo signo." Seemingly to no avail. At the next session after this heavenly sign, the afflicted young woman was liberated. Perhaps Our Lady herself, in God's mercy, answered the question. When Baphomet and the remaining demons left, he screamed so loudly the afflicted person said, "I thought my eardrums were going to burst." She had spent months of being demonically abused, burned, cut, harassed, What replaced months of torture and hopelessness was an inner peace and rest. It is a joy now to see the smile on her face. Was the fire rainbow a sign of the imminent liberation of a possessed person? Or perhaps it is a sign of the coming end of the pandemic? Or both? Whatever it foreshadowed, we know the Blessed Virgin is smiling upon us, protecting us, and blessing us. Most certainly such a special heavenly sign augurs a time of peace for all of us, as well as for this woman. May God make it so! *A full liberation is only definitively certain after months of being symptom-free and no reaction to the Rite, which is the case to date.

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  • ARTICLES | St. Michael Center

    Articles What is an Angel? - James Brent O.P. "God has revealed to us the reality of angels and demons and by doing so, he is telling us something intelligible and wonderful, something that shows us the grandeur of God and illuminates our experience in many ways. We want to understand the angels as much as possible in order to understand the ways of God and the ways of the spiritual life. Thomas Aquinas is often called the angelic doctor because of his profound and extensive teaching on the angels, both the good and the bad ones." - James Brent Read It Here As a Psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession - Richard Gallagher "I’ve helped clergy from multiple denominations to filter episodes of mental illness , which represent the overwhelming majority of cases, from, literally, the devil’s work. It’s an unlikely role for an academic physician. The same habits that shape what I do as a professor and psychiatrist led me to aid in the work of discerning attacks by what I believe are evil spirits and, just as critically, differentiating these extremely rare events from medical conditions." - Richard Gallagher Read it Here Demonic Possession and the Practice of Exorcism: Exploring the Franciscan Legacy - Bert Roest "This article traces Franciscan writings on exorcism between the 13th and the 17th century against the background of the transformation of demonological thought during this period." - Bert Roest Read it Here St. Michael's Miraculous Apparitions: How the Archangel Powerfully Dedicated His Own Basilica "What an amazing story about St. Michael! St. Michael the Archangel miraculously appeared four times in the following story, therefore dedicating his own basilica, the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo ." - ChurchPOP ​ Read it Here Renowned Angel Expert Explains Amazing Facts Every Catholic Should Know About Angels - Solene Tadie "On the eve of the feasts of the holy archangels and guardian angels, the secretary of the International Theological Commission provides a sound theological clarification about the nature and mission of our celestial companions." - Solene Tadie Read it Here My Experiences With Yoga - Anonymous A first hand testimony of someone who was deeply involved with Yoga and unwittingly ended up demonically oppressed. Turning to Jesus and his Church, she gradually is becoming liberated. Read it Here Yoga Poses as Devotion in Motion "Yoga is a spiritual body language from India. It is a moving liturgy... The practice of such poses is a type of role playing of another spirit being, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Passive meditation poses represent the Hindu Supreme Reality, or Brahman, which is cosmic consciousness... Yoga poses send messages to the spirit world, attracting spirits of Hinduism." - Yoga Poses as Devotion in Motion Read it Here Freemasonry and the Catholic Church An article outlining one man's involvement and the Church's stance on Freemasonry. ​ Read it Here Generational Spirits - Fact or Fiction? - Ray Sullivan "[E]xorcists and charismatic priests both attest to the fact that there also negative effects through the ages caused by the sins of our fathers. And while original sin is the ONLY sin inherited by us all, they claim that the effects (contamination of the family tree) of serious sin (not the guilt of the sin itself) of our ancestors can also affect us today" - Generational Spirits- Fact or Fiction? Read it Here Why are Women Becoming Witches - Suzannah Lipscomb Sadly, occultism and witchcraft are on the rise. This article outlines why witchcraft and magic as a whole are appealing to modern society, especially through a feminism gone awry. It is important to realize how spiritually dangerous this trend is and to warn people against the practice of witchcraft and magic, which are condemned in the Bible and the consistent teaching of the Church. As the Bible says: “Let there not be found among you anyone who …practices divination, or is a soothsayer, augur, or sorcerer, or who casts spells, consults ghosts and spirits, or seeks oracles from the dead. Anyone who does such things is an abomination to the Lord…” (Dt 18:10-12) Read it Here

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    Rescued from Satan - Friar Benigno Palilla "Hollywood has co-opted the notion of diabolical possession, placing the devil at center stage. In this book, the very people who suffered the indescribable tell the true story of their trials in which tragedy turns to victory, thanks to the help of a humble and generous Franciscan exorcist. 14 people give their testimony of diabolical possession." - Amazon How to Purchase Father Amorth: My Battle Against Satan - Fr. Gabriel Amorth "Father Amorth takes you into his private world, giving you a harrowing vision of his daily battles with the Devil. Not only will you learn from Father how he proceeds and why; you'll discover the source of his profound faith and remarkable courage: strengths essential not only to exorcists, but to every person who would truly love and serve God." - Amazon How to Purchase Hungry Souls - Gerard Van Den Aardwig "Hungry Souls recounts Church verified accounts of earthly visitations from the dead in Purgatory. Accompanying these accounts are images from the "Museum of Purgatory" in Rome, which contains relics of encounters with the Holy Souls, including numerous evidences of hand prints burnt into clothing and books; burn marks that cannot be explained by natural means or duplicated by artificial ones." -Hungry Souls How to Purchase How to Purchase A Notebook on the Devil and Exorcism - Fr. Dominc Szymanski, OFM Conv. "A Notebook on the Devil and Exorcism is a collection of articles dealing with extraordinary and real life accounts of demonic activity. Fr. Szymanski wrote this compelling work to address the final conflict between Satan and God and to explain the promise of Mary's final victory foretold in the Book of Genesis." - Pope Leo XIII Institue The Demon of Brownsville Road - Bob Cranmer "Bob, Lesa, and their four children were under attack from a malicious demon that was conjuring up terrifying manifestations to destroy their tight-knit household. They had two choices: leave or draw on their unwavering faith to exorcise the malicious fiend who haunted their home. Now, Bob Cranmer recounts the harrowing true story of the evil presence that tormented his family and the epic spiritual war he fought to save everything he held dear." - Amazon How to Purchase Possessed - Thomas D. Allen "'The Exorcist', a 1973 movie about a twelve-year-old girl possessed by the Devil, frightened people more than any horror film ever did. The true story of this possession, told in Possessed, is based on a diary kept by a Jesuit priest assisting Father Bowdern. The diary, the most complete account of an exorcism since the Middle Ages, is published for the first time in this revised edition of Possessed." - Amazon How to Purchase Anneliese Michel - Fr. Jose Fortea "Anneliese, her family, a few close friends, and the two priests involved and their Bishop, all believed that Anneliese suffered from possession. At the time, it was the first official and public case of exorcism in Germany in approximately fifty years, and the only known case to have been recorded on audio tapes. After sixty-seven exorcism sessions, Anneliese died on July 1, 1976 of what appeared to be starvation." - Amazon How to Purchase Deliver us From Evil - Ralph Sarchie "A sixteen-year NYPD veteran, Ralph Sarchie works out of the 46th Precinct in New York's South Bronx. But it is his other job that he calls "the Work": investigating cases of demonic possession and assisting in the exorcisms of humanity's most ancient, and most dangerous, foes. Now he discloses for the first time his investigations into incredible true crimes and inhuman evil that were never explained, solved." - Amazon How to Purchase Glimpses of the Devil: A Psychiatrist's Personal Accounts of Possesions, Exorcism, and Redemption - M. Scott Peck "The legendary bestselling author and renowned psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, whose books have sold over 14 million copies, reveals the amazing true story of his work as an exorcist -- kept secret for more than twenty-five years -- in two profoundly human stories of satanic possession.." - Amazon How to Purchase Demoniac - Nathan Krupa When a horrific psychotic break destroyed Nathan Krupa's life, doctors told him that he would never recover. But he wasn't just crazy... he was afflicted by demons. An encounter with Jesus in the middle of the night led to him to seek deliverance from evil spirits, starting a journey of healing that continues to this day. Now a happy husband, father, and servant of the poor, Nathan shares the testimony of his battles against the devil and what it was like to be a demoniac How to Purchase The Exorcist Diary - Raymond Bishop We went to St. Louis to find out the truth and uncover the real diary and we did just that. Documented by 14 priests this diary chronicles the horrific story of “The Exorcist” and a boy possessed by the devil. For the first time read the unedited diary of the boy’s possession and exorcism. Learn the facts and truth about one of the most darkest supernatural cases known to man. How to Purchase

  • LIVESTREAM RECORDINGS | St. Michael Center

    Livestream Recordings Livestream with and Exorcist: May 22, 2021 Watch it here! Listen to a presentation entitled "The Reality of Curses and How to Defend Oneself" and some Q&A.

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