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Demonic Possession and the Practice of Exorcism: An exploration of the Franciscan legacy


-Franciscan Studies, Vol. 76, 2018

Priest Entered Generational Healing After He Was Struck By ‘Lightning’ - SpiritDaily

"What is generational healing?... the issue was addressed by a priest named Father Stefan Starzynski who himself both has undergone deliverance for what may have been a darkness in his family tree and now travels about healing in this fascinating regard."

Why St. Bruno is the patron saint of exorcists and possessed persons


St. Bruno's depiction in art and his reputation for holiness of life have led to his patronage against demonic possession.
St. Bruno was the founder of the Carthusian Order and was highly regarded for his holy and virtuous life. He is widely known as the patron of exorcists and possessed persons and is invoked against demonic possession.- Aleteia

What The Church Has Said About ‘Ghosts’


“When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. ‘It’s a ghost,’ they said, and cried out in fear'" (Mt 14:16).  “Look at My hands and my feet...a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have,” said Jesus (Mt 24:39).

He would not have mentioned “ghost” if ghosts did not exist and His disciples would not have feared such entities if they didn’t think such entities could cause damage. - Spirit Daily

Reflections of a Priest Who Was Demonically Obsessed


The personal testimony of a diocesan priest's own journey of healing and deliverance. 

How Should a Catholic React to an Encounter with a Ghost? 


"As Catholics, we believe that God, the maker of all things visible and invisible, created the world around us with more going on than what lies on the surface. On a normal day, this brings to mind the presence of the divine or saintly intercession. As Halloween approaches, however, this line of the Nicene Creed makes us ponder the most popular of spooky invisible phenomena: ghosts." - Aleteia

Blessed Holy Water of the Catholic Church and Sacred Scripture


"The holy and living waters of the Catholic Church has been flowing throughout the millennia. Holy water is mentioned in Sacred Scripture in the Old Testament, alluded to in New Testament, and there are many verses in the Bible about water being a source of life, a way of purification for us mortals, and a supernatural blessing from God.." - Catholic Ace

What is an Angel? - James Brent O.P.


"God has revealed to us the reality of angels and demons and by doing so, he is telling us something intelligible and wonderful, something that shows us the grandeur of God and illuminates our experience in many ways. We want to understand the angels as much as possible in order to understand the ways of God and the ways of the spiritual life. Thomas Aquinas is often called the angelic doctor because of his profound and extensive teaching on the angels, both the good and the bad ones." - James Brent

Demonic Possession and the Practice of Exorcism: Exploring the Franciscan Legacy - Bert Roest

"This article traces Franciscan writings on exorcism between the 13th and the 17th century against the background of the transformation of demonological thought during this period." - Bert Roest

Renowned Angel Expert Explains Amazing Facts Every Catholic Should Know About Angels - Solene Tadie

"On the eve of the feasts of the holy archangels and guardian angels, the secretary of the International Theological Commission provides a sound theological clarification about the nature and mission of our celestial companions." - Solene Tadie

Yoga Poses as Devotion in Motion

"Yoga is a spiritual body language from India. It is a moving liturgy... The practice of such poses is a type of role playing of another spirit being, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Passive meditation poses represent the Hindu Supreme Reality, or Brahman, which is cosmic consciousness... Yoga poses send messages to the spirit world, attracting spirits of Hinduism." - Yoga Poses as Devotion in Motion

The Road to Perdition: Deceived by Tibetan Buddhism


Mim recounts her experiences of leaving the Catholic faith, being deeply involved in Tibetan Buddhism for 35 years, and finding out their "gods" were demons.  She has been tortured by their gurus who are engaged in black magic.  She has found her way back to the Catholic faith and on the road to recovery. 

The Infestation of Objects, Discernment, The Ritual, Challenges and Difficulties by Fr. Nonnette Legaspi, Philippine Exorcist

There are at least four known targets of demonic infestations: persons, animals, places and

objects. While this paper/talk focuses on object infestation, the wider context of objects being

infested are persons (and their relations) and their dwelling or working places. 

An Exorcism in 1907


"Not long ago, the following authentic case of possession was communicated to the editor of Rome by the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Delalle, Titular Bishop of Natal, Africa. The bishop wrote:

Two months ago, I promised the editor of “Rome” an account of certain facts that happened in my vicariate last year (May 1907) concerning two native girls whom I believe to have been possessed by the devil." - Catholic Exchange

As a Psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession - Richard Gallagher


"I’ve helped clergy from multiple denominations to filter episodes of mental illness , which represent the overwhelming majority of cases, from, literally, the devil’s work. It’s an unlikely role for an academic physician. The same habits that shape what I do as a professor and psychiatrist led me to aid in the work of discerning attacks...from medical conditions." - Richard Gallagher

St. Michael's Miraculous Apparitions: How the Archangel Powerfully Dedicated His Own Basilica


"What an amazing story about St. Michael!

St. Michael the Archangel miraculously appeared four times in the following story, therefore dedicating his own basilica, the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo." - ChurchPOP

My Experiences With Yoga - Anonymous


A first hand testimony of someone who was deeply involved with Yoga and unwittingly ended up demonically oppressed.  Turning to Jesus and his Church, she gradually is becoming liberated.

Freemasonry and the Catholic Church


An article outlining one man's involvement and the Church's stance on Freemasonry.  

Why are Women Becoming Witches - Suzannah Lipscomb 


Sadly, occultism and witchcraft are on the rise. This article outlines why witchcraft and magic as a whole are appealing to modern society, especially through a feminism gone awry.  It is important to realize how spiritually dangerous this trend is and to warn people against the practice of witchcraft and magic, which are

condemned in the Bible and the consistent teaching of the Church.  

Generational Spirits - Fact or Fiction? - Ray Sullivan


"[E]xorcists and charismatic priests both attest to the fact that there also negative effects through the ages caused by the sins of our fathers. And while original sin is the ONLY sin inherited by us all, they claim that the effects (contamination of the family tree) of serious sin (not the guilt of the sin itself) of our ancestors can also affect us today" - Generational Spirits- Fact or Fiction?

Using Blessed Salt - SpiritDaily


"Here we will talk about everything you need to know about blessed salt, what it is for and how it is used, how to handle it, what prayers bless it and who can do it, even what type of salt to use. After knowing this you will have no doubts about everything that the blessed salt offers you."

The Importance of Blessing Food - SpiritDaily


"There have been cases whereby food was intentionally “cursed.” Historically witches and gypsies were known to use potions snuck into food or drink to affect those imbibing or ingesting and one expert of the arcane, Adam Blai, who works for the archdiocese of Pittsburgh, recounts how their team of exorcists had to deliver a man whose mother-in-law had prayed an actual curse on the Thanksgiving gravy — as absurd as that sounds. It had huge spiritual effects!"

In Defense of Medjugorje

by Michael and Denise Harvey

This informative and well-researched article helps to set the record straight on what is true and not true about what people say about Medjugorje- the site of reported Marian apparitions.  It shows how the phenomenon of Medjugorje appears to be based on real apparitions of the BVM and worthy of support by the faithful.

I  left the New Age for Jesus

Jordan Taylor shares how she was deceived by the New Age and fell into depression and darkness.  She found Jesus and it turned her life around.  She experienced love for the first time.

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