An Experience With The Archangel Michael

"It was the autumn of 1983. The best I can remember, it was September. I don’t know the precise date. It would be neat if it had been this date, the 29th. I didn’t keep a diary. But I didn’t need one to recall the details." - Spirit Daily

Testimony of a Marine who Died and Met St. Michael

1631 Apparition of St. Michael in Tlaxcala Mexico

"[T]he archangel told the young man: 'You must know, my son, that I am Saint Michael the Archangel. I come to tell you that it is God’s will and mine that you tell those of this town and its surroundings, that in this ravine made by two hills and it’s the one that’s in front of this place, they will find a miraculous spring of water for all diseases, which is under a very large rock. Do not doubt what I tell you, nor not do what I command you.'" - Catholic World Report

Monasteries linked to the Archangel Michael share a mission and a message

""Popular author Fr. Dwight Longenecker and his children, along with veteran filmmaker Stan Williams, are producing a documentary chronicling their intercontinental family trek to the seven monastic sites known as “the Sword of St. Michael”". - Catholic World Report