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Mon, Jul 17



July 17th Online Deliverance Prayer Session

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July 17th  Online Deliverance Prayer Session
July 17th  Online Deliverance Prayer Session

Time & Location

Jul 17, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT



About the event

We look forward to you joining our next St. Michael Center deliverance prayer webinar because God has been so generous to us in our previous sessions. After each online deliverance session, scores of participants have shared their personal experiences—below is a small sample of their recent testimonies. Once again, we witness how good God is to us all and how He wants to heal us. All glory to God!

Sample of Feedback from Participants

in the June 19, 2023 online deliverance session.

I felt very encouraged and at the same time peacefully relaxed knowing that God protects me from the devil. So I really encourage you to keep doing every month those powerful deliverance sessions !!!!

I cannot thank you enough for these online deliverance prayers. I had such Peace last night. I slept like a baby! I woke up this morning feeling rested and filled with Joy and Peace.

I am miraculously healed. I am able to move around the house without a walker. I’m off the oxygen tank.

I did not know lethargy could be an evil spirit. I just thought I needed more vitamins. During the prayer session, I experienced a physical episode of burping, coughing, tingling in my arms, nauseousness, dizziness, running nose. It lasted about 10 minutes. I awoke this morning at 6 am and sprung into action. I am not a morning person, never have been. I have been energized all day today, getting all of my task’s completed without resting. My lethargy has left. Praise God!

This is my 3rd month and I have to say each time I feel at peace, rested and renewed; it's simply amazing!

For years I have had an unhealthy unholy bond with a person whom I was attracted to. I was unable to detach from him on a spiritual level. I have been praying for years for this bond to dissolve. It is not until I started listening to Father Rossetti deliverance prayers that the unholy bond has dissolved. In the beginning these prayers seemed to make no difference but after two or three months listening to them I am now fully liberated from this painful unholy attachment and I feel free and fully myself again. I cannot be grateful enough…

Was trying to attend using an iPhone and it wouldn’t connect properly. I finally got just audio but when Father prayed that demons were to leave our electronics, it was instantly fixed and I had both audio and video. Thank you, Father.

I've suffered from depression since childhood. My mother and her mother also did. I've been doing these sessions for awhile now and have found that things that usually set off a depression episode haven't affected me…I haven't been depressed for quite a while. Thank you for providing this ministry online. You are helping so many people.

When I first discovered your online deliverance sessions I hadn’t realized how powerfully I needed them. I have had a checkered past with occult and your monthly deliverance sessions bring me such peace and clarity. I thank God for drawing me to them and pray for your ministry.

More of the evil spirits left that I have been fighting since childhood. My father was a Satanist! There is a lightness & sense of God's Presence within me, along with Our Lady's Protection. I have been working with an exorcist & he encouraged me to participate in your sessions for additional help getting rid of all these demons & to obtain healing. Thank you for this wonderful ministry.

I just attended my first prayer session last night and I feel so good today. I just feel like I’m able to let go of even more from my past and with the rosary everyday- this will be great once a month! Thank you and God bless you.

I had a deep pain in my back and chest for days and had to take Tylenol every 4 hours to relieve the pain. After the prayer session yesterday this pain in gone. I didn't need to take any medication today after days of taking medication and I slept very well. I also feel peaceful and hopeful.

Thank you so much for the work that you do Mosignor Rossetti for these liberating prayer sessions and your amazing website and app that has helped me tremendously. I feel a great feeling of freedom/liberation. God bless you!!!

I experienced a sense of peace and God’s love. Thank you for offering this!

I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It happened immediately when we started the prayer with Msgr. Rossetti, and then I felt relaxed and wanted to sleep. I slept very well last night. Thanks so much!

Immediately after the sessions, I always feel lighter, refreshed and that prayer is easier.

I have attended several live and taped sessions. I can tell I am getting better slowly. My obsessive thoughts have disappeared and for the first time in decades I now am beginning to know what "normal" feels like. Thank you Father Stephen, Gina and staff!

Peace and calm today. All day previously I was anxious and tense.

I experienced a profound release, the strongest yet since I started my journey of deliverance. Towards the end of the prayer I felt as if a rainfall of divine light was poured over my head. Thank you so much, Monsignor Rosetti and the whole team at St. Michael Center. I'm sharing with others, and will plan to join again next month.

I cried strongly during the Latin prayer, which was totally affirming in the deliverance action. Praise God! I also cried in release during this June session, but much earlier on. I will say multiple participations are important. God does not wipe everything away in one stroke, but mercifully conducts with graduality, systematically.

Thank you so much for this ministry which is a gigantic gift and mercy from Heaven. Keep going!!

I feel reenergized after these sessions. I feel reinvigorated with a renewed sense of determination to not fall to temptation and sin again.

I have had a very hard time forgiving …I am angry… I carry a lot of anger. When Msgr. Rossetti began discussing forgiveness it was just overwhelming. The whole experience was so powerfully emotional. I just sat and wept and wept and wept. It was just utterly unexpected. I pray that this path of forgiveness continues. Mgsr. Rossetti just undid the biggest knot in my heart and I want to thank him for that.

I am always filled with the deepest peace afterwards. Each session tears off new layers of the old onion. I suffered terrible emotional trauma all my life…These sessions are a TREMENDOUS help in overcoming the evil spirits of being unwanted, unloved, terrorized, abandoned and rejected.

I was feeling this heat coming out from my body when Msgr Rossetti was praying.

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse/physical abuse. I have been able to forgive and pray for my abuser. The hatred is gone.

It was another powerful session. At the end when Monsignor prayed over us I felt this sensation of heat and peace come upon me.

After [the session] I was able to get up and do some chores which I’m normally too tired to do. Today I feel great. It’s like a veil of dark cloud has finally lifted. I’m hoping it lasts so I can start fixing my life. I will definitely be going next month.

I was a bit antsy in the beginning. However, as Msgr prayed, I felt a release from agitation. At the conclusion, as Msgr spoke of Our Lord's love for each of us, I felt "drenched" in love. Literally, sensed being soaking wet in love. So neat!!!

Yes, prior to the session, I felt extremely tired and started feeling more pain in my back. When the sessions started, everything lifted off-- praise God!

I got goosebumps when father said certain names of some saints while praying the litany specially those he mentioned twice. Then by the end I felt a sudden peace.

I started praying with a lot of fear that God the Father wanted to touch me and heal my wounds. My body felt so weird. It felt like I was carrying a serious boulder on my shoulders. As the prayers progressed I started losing some of the heavy stuff that was holding me down.

Monsignor asked that we open our hearts to the ONE TRUE LOVE OF GOD. I did open myself to his love, my heart was assured that I am not going ever to be alone…Thank you for your kind help.

I felt a tremendous sense of peace. My prayer requested for family members relieved much stress and anxiety. Excellent Prayer session.

When Msgr. Rossetti prayed at the end for an experience of the love of God, I was moved to tears and felt God’s love as I have been grieving the loss of a loved one who passed away.

During the prayer session, my husband and I were praying for spiritual and emotional healing for our family…especially for daughter who has battled anxiety, severe depression and anger issues…This is our third session…we are seeing results…Viva Cristo Rey!!!

The horrible obsessions are becoming more faint.

Great prayers! An hour with the Lord together with thousands of Catholic brothers and sisters from all around the world!

Before the session, I was very upset. I had this huge anger and hostility. I sat down to do the prayers and as I went along this relief just overwhelmed me. I was in such a state of Peace and tranquility. The rest of the evening was so beautiful. Thanks 😊.

Thank for all your beautiful prayers. I felt loved and couldn't stop crying ....Thanking and Praising Our Lord for all His goodness.

With each & every session that I've attended I've experienced a gradual but palpable sense of peace & calm & easing of stress, anxiety & fear.

A sort of inner spiritual darkness that had been occasionally plaguing me left me as I listened to the deliverance prayers, and was replaced by inner peace / love / joy.

I feel peace , after attending the Session . I really would like to Thank Father Stephen , for his prayers and The St Michael Center .

I love the part, where over four thousand people will say the Litany of the Saints, invoking the intercession of the Saints. I sincerely hope there will be more online deliverance sessions and thank you to the St Michael Center .

Different sessions and prayers affect me differently. This session I cried during the prayers of accepting God's forgiveness and being a child made in his own image. I struggle with scrupulosity and found hope that session covered this. Please continue praying in sessions for people with scrupulosity.

During these sessions I feel incredibly close to Our Lord and His Mother. After the sessions I feel incredibly lighter and full of hope. It’s quite an amazing feeling.

When Msgr Rossetti prayed against voodoo, I felt a strong release of tight energy in my back. I have had minor back problems for years. I never expected such an experience. We are from Italy.

I felt the Holy Spirit very strongly. I felt like I was being cleansed.

I felt a kind of release and relief during the Freemasonic prayers. During prayers I was moved to tears.

This was my first time participating in one of your deliverance sessions. I really loved it. I did experience a great peace come over me. I had been feeling very depressed and having some anxiety issues and just having a difficult time. In this session I felt such a great peace come over me. And felt such joy inside. I cannot wait for the next session. Thank you for doing this

I became very drowsy, and then when Monsignor Rosetti prayed to drive away the demons of lethargy away I snapped out of it. There was thankfully some sort of release of certain infirmities associated with Freemasonry.

Felt a "supernatural" sense of peace following the session. There was a significant decrease in the number and severity of demonic vexations.

Hello, there were actually a few wonderful things that happened after the session but here is the story of one. I attended the live session this month; one of my prayers were that my son be healed and delivered from his compulsive behaviors. He stopped soon after the session and is already healing. Praise be to God!

Since the prayer session I feel lighter. As if a weight had taken from me. I participated in occultism more than 40 years ago and this prayer session was very much needed.

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