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Mon, Sep 18



Sept 18th Online Deliverance Prayer Session

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Sept 18th  Online Deliverance Prayer Session
Sept 18th  Online Deliverance Prayer Session

Time & Location

Sep 18, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT



About the event

We look forward to you joining our next St. Michael Center deliverance prayer webinar because God has been so generous to us in our previous sessions. After each online deliverance session, scores of participants have shared their personal experiences—below is a small sample of their recent testimonies. Once again, we witness how good God is to us all and how He wants to heal us. All glory to God!

Sample of Feedback from Participants

in the July 17, 2023 online deliverance session.

This is my 3rd session and each time I feel another layer of the onion gets peeled away. I have more peace. I am handling situations around me in a healthier way, and I have more courage and joy than I've had in years. Thank you for your ministry.

Relief from self-hatred.

I felt as though a boulder had been lifted off my shoulders. I will continue to come back. The peace I feel is profound. God bless all of you.

Great peace and joy.

I found myself weeping during some of the prayers like the breaking of the Freemasonic curse and Gina’s parent prayer and the “I am loved” prayer. I have joined several sessions and this hasn’t happened before. God is so good…

While Msgr was giving reciting the final cleansing prayer and prayer of protection from demonic retaliation, I actually "rested in the Spirit"(all my muscles experienced immediate relaxation) which has not happened to me before in the previous sessions that I have attended. I am still feeling an immense sensation of serenity...Thank you Msgr and the entire staff at St Michael's for these sessions!

I realized some distractions that were deterring me away from growing closer to Christ. It was as if my eyes were opened. I now feel peaceful and confident in God's love for me. Thank you!

I am light as a feather, peace-filled, happy, thankful!!! I have the peace that I felt in Medjugorje!!! Thank You Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!!!

I felt joy!! Thank you Father for giving me the opportunity to be part of your prayer session. God bless you, your team and your ministry. 

Thanks again for the amazing experience. See you in September.

Thank you so much. The prayer was very powerful. For me, I was especially overcome when you prayed about being loved... even now as I write, I hadn't fully realised how badly hurt I have been from bullying which impacts fully accepting I am loved. THANK YOU!

Thank you Msgr. Rossetti & your Team for another very beautiful session. It was a tremendous sense of Peace, Healing & Protection. I prayed very fervently for my husband & children & I felt that there was a great power in the prayers.

A great feeling of peace came over me during prayers tonight - just like last time.

Thank you so much for these sessions and your constant reassurance of God's providence in these sessions…I've been struggling with deep, scary depression and suicidality for months leading up to my last session, and since that session, I haven't had suicidal thoughts or a single panic attack. I was having both for months frequently…I felt a much deeper sense of peace during this second session. I am very grateful. Deo Gratias!

There was a St. Therese like feeling of simplicity and trust. I feel hope, simple trusting hope.

Hello. This was the first session that I attended. When it started I had an uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen that lasted until almost the end. Then it went away. Then I realized that I felt lighter, and had a feeling of contentment. And I was feeling a lot of hope. It was subtle, but it was there. So I thank you very, very much, and I know that I was brought to you for a reason and to this session. God bless...

I have always had such a hard time with the prayers of forgiveness, but tonight I got through them but only through crying so hard during them. However, I actually felt the bitterness and burden being lifted so apparently it does take a long time and many repetitions of some prayers to finally purge some really deep-seated spiritual "baggage." Thank you so much for your ministry!

Healing from stomach problems and from self-hate. Thanks be to God!

I have been participating in these sessions for the last several months. I am in Holland, so it's very hard to be awake at that time. However, having the archived link is WONDERFUL! These sessions bring me even more peace… I pray for all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I feel more at peace with myself and others. Thank you for your willingness to help people like me who need to pray through the difficult situations in life.

I wanted to participate in the session because I am currently pregnant and had been having a feeling of desperation particularly at nights. When this happens my mind races and I feel I am not me and I feel lost. During the prayer session, I felt reassured, calm and a sense of peace. I was able to have a good night sleep. I pray to God that He helps throughout this pregnancy and blesses my baby. God blessed me with this gift.

I felt peace and calmness. My anxiety and worries got better after the prayer session.

I attend the spiritual sessions every month. I feel stronger and more courage to overcome adversities.

Thank-you for doing this session each month. I find a deep sense of peace as I participate in the prayers whereas in the beginning I just cried through it. I deeply appreciate your efforts and heard God's voice saying "Be at peace" as a result.

Thank you for the prayer session! I felt a warm sensation around my heart and thank God for His healing.

Thank you, Father, for the prayers. When you started doing the deliverance prayer against financial curses and consecration to BVM and Jesus I felt this heaviness in my stomach that lasted for less than a minute then I felt something came out of my stomach and I breathed it out loudly.

I felt great joy and peace. This session renewed my love for Jesus.

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