Manual for Spiritual Warfare

"Like it or not, you are at war. You live on the battlefield, so you can’t escape the conflict. It’s a spiritual war with crucial consequences in your everyday life and its outcome will determine your eternal destiny. You must engage the Enemy. And as you fight, you need a Manual for Spiritual Warfare. This guide for spiritual warriors will help you recognize, resist, and overcome the Devil’s attacks." -Amazon

Minor Exorcisms and Deliverance Prayers

"A manual containing prayers in English and in Latin which are minor exorcisms and deliverance prayers. This manual contains translations of the Latin prayers into English." 


Parish Ritual

"This liturgical book is a new version of the Ritual that is similar to what was called the Collectio Rituum, having most of the features of that book. Moreover, we added an extra appendix which was not in the original. This Latin/English Ritual will certainly be a benefit for all priests who wish to have a useful travel-size book." - Amazon

Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity

"Prayers for use by the laity in waging spiritual warfare from the public domain and the Church's treasury. The book has an imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Denver." 


Catholic Handbook of Prayers For Spiritual Liberation and Exorcisms With Redactor's Notes

A downloadable book of prayers that include many blessings and prayers reserved for priests. 

Catholic Handbook of Deliverance Prayers

"This catholic handbook includes the most pertinent information and generally used prayers in the ministry of  deliverance including rules for deliverance of persons, deliverance session prayers, and more. (NB: This book is from out of the country)." - St. Paul's

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