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Healing of Mind, Body, and Spirit Prayer

This is another standard prayer used by AMOE. It is used when extraordinary demonic attack goes hand in hand with psychological and/or physical illness.

Dear Lord, I know that there is no sickness that you cannot heal. You know all things, you can do all things, and you love N. With faith in your promise that whatever we ask in prayer, You will grant us if it will be good for our soul. I come before you to ask for healing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit for N. Touch him (her) now where he (she) is hurting most. Only you know what kind of healing he (she) needs most right now. Let the grace of your divine love flow and spread to the different parts of his (her) body reaching the inner recesses of his (her) being. Comfort him (her) in his (her) pain and anguish. Correct any malfunctioning of his (her) body organs. Melt with your healing love any abnormal growths. Arrest all further spreading of all sick cells and replace them with healthy cells. Root out all unresolved hurts, resentments, fears, and feelings of despair and frustration. Heal all painful memories and repercussions of traumatic experiences. Grant him (her) the grace to accept this trial and suffering as a share in your own sufferings of his (her) soul and those of his (her) family and loved ones. Forgive him (her) for all his (her) sins and fill him (her) with your love, peace, joy, kindness, and generosity. Let him (her) realize the deeper meaning of his (her) sickness and trial and lead him (her) closer to you as he (she) finds comfort in your loving heart. Let him (her) find joy and peace amidst his (her) suffering, and with eyes of faith, see the blessing and victory that await him (her). And then, Father, after he (she) has been healed may he (she) be a witness of your healing power and bring glory, honor, and praise to you. This we pray in Jesus’ name through Mary and all the saints.


(Syquia, pp. 95-98)

Healing of Mind, Body, and Spirit Prayer
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