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Exorcist Diary #130: Names for Children-- from heaven or hell?

All Saints Day procession

As the sessions continue with "John," the demons are getting weaker. They are starting to reveal their names-- some rather strong demons present including Asmodeus, Abaddon, Baal and more. As I research all the names, I continue to be amazed at how many are used in video games.

Many times, the games rightly portray demons as evil and by the end they are vanquished. But in others, young people are sometimes casting spells, taking on the names or attributes of demons, or enlisting demons as allies.

In years past, it was standard practice that Christian parents named their children at birth after a favorite saint. It is thought that this saint would not only be a role model for the child, but also a patron and intercessor.

Moreover, the "spirit" of the saint is thought to influence the one named. If a child was named Michael, for example, the Archangel would hopefully be its special protector. Moreover, one could expect that the powerful spirit of this defender of God's holiness (Quis ut Deus) would be a strength upon which the child could draw.

The authority of parents to name their children is a sacred responsibility. The act of naming something, given by God to humanity, concedes an aspect of divine authority (Gen 2:19). Giving a name to things is meant to identify their true nature.

Something valuable is lost when a child is not given a holy name. Similarly, what does this say about those who take on the name of a demon or take a demon as an aid in a video game or cast demonic spells? One might protest that it is only a game. But from what I know of demons, if they can, they will take it as an open door.


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