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Exorcist Diary #136: Sex with a Witch

Updated: May 2, 2021

Goya's "Witches' Sabbath" 1798

Sex with a witch is an incredibly bad idea. We have had some who did, and they definitely needed help! Whether the man or woman practicing witchcraft tries to "bless" their partner or curse them, their actions will always be spiritually harmful and end up being a curse.

For example, a woman recently said her aunt, who practices witchcraft, tried to give her some spiritual help through her magic. Almost immediately, her spiritual problems became much, much worse.

Immoral sex by itself (i.e. sexual intercourse outside of marriage) is a grave sin that necessarily opens one to Satan's influence. But sex with a witch is particularly pernicious. The intimacy of the sex act deeply binds the couple. In marriage, it is meant to be a grace-filled bond of love. But when sinfully done with a witch (or warlock), it binds one to Satan. (Witches and warlocks get their power from Satan, whether they know it or not.)

Those who came to us for assistance, having had sex with a witch, were deeply bonded with evil. This evil is hard to root out. A sincere repentance and sacramental confession are a good beginning, but the final liberation will likely be a long fight. In each of these cases, Satan staked out his territory and repeatedly claimed, "You belong to me!"

Moreover, some also ingested cursed objects from the witch which they eventually painfully passed in the process of the exorcism. Whether it is meant as a blessing or a curse, whatever the witch or warlock gives as a potion must necessarily become a curse, since it comes from their practice of magic, which always finds it root in evil.

As this country increasingly descends into sexual immorality, witchcraft and the occult, more people will be deeply bonded with evil. I am afraid that few will find their way out of the darkness...

Our young people need to be warned:

+Do not practice any kind witchcraft ("white" or black);

+Even a witch's/warlock's "blessings" become curses;

+Do not date or even befriend a man or woman practicing witchcraft;

+And, never...ever, have sex with a witch.


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