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Exorcist Diary #207: An Ugly Email from Demons

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

I received a very ugly email. It was short: five sentences and each sentence was full of expletives, exclamation points, nasty invectives, and curses. I immediately blocked the sender.

I noticed that the email was sent in response to an email we sent out to all our subscribers. So, this person must be on our mailing list. I then went into the mailing list and found his address. I intended to delete him...

But looking at the person's history with us, I found something odd. A few weeks ago, he had apparently enrolled himself as a subscriber. He opened all the subsequent emails from us and was obviously following our ministry. In fact, he just registered himself for our next online deliverance session. And then, he erupts into a rage and sends us a horrid email. Strange?!?

As I reflected on the email, I noticed it sounded very much like the texts and emails I get from demons- raging, accusing, emotionally violent, ugly. Ahhh! The insight hit me: he was probably "manifesting," i.e., the demons had taken over and were enraged he was going to attend a deliverance session. He likely has a strong demonic presence.

Another person, a possessed woman, recently told me that when she tries to pray with the deliverance videos, the demons are "so angry and screaming." She found it painful. I suggested that she only do what she can. Also, we have had others in the room with her when she prayed with the videos. Obviously, demons are strongly affected when just listening to any priest pray deliverance prayers.

As I tell people during the introduction, if the sessions become too painful, the person should cease. Moreover, having personal support in the room for people with a strong demonic presence is helpful and important. Fully possessed people are best served by face-to-face sessions with an exorcist, if possible. For those who are not possessed, such strong reactions are less likely.

So, I did not unsubscribe the person who sent the ugly email. Likely, he is truly seeking liberation and the demons are resisting strongly. Instead of unsubscribing him, I said a prayer for him. May God give him strength and perseverance to continue to seek the Lord and on the sometimes long and difficult road to liberation.


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