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Exorcist Diary #221: "It's all good, Father"

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

[Mary Magdalene in Penitence, El Greco, 1578]

Poor Kate. She gets beaten up and sexually assaulted nightly by a large pack of demons. She regularly wakes up with scratches, bruises and demonic symbols etched into her skin. During our exorcism sessions, demons threaten her, assault her and choke her. As we get close to full liberation, she vomits up large black globs, a sign that demons are being expelled.

It is not her fault she is possessed. Her parents gave her over to Satan at birth, as they themselves had willingly subjugated themselves to the Dark World. Life for Kate has never been fair. But I have not heard her complain about her parents.

Between sessions especially after a rough time, I check on her: "How are you doing Kate?" Her answer is always: "It's all good, Father." Exorcism sessions are intense and sometimes brutal. In the midst of these, when she comes back to herself for a brief moment, I ask: "How are you doing Kate?" She always bounces back and says, "It's all good, Father." And so we continue.

These days, whenever I find myself a bit beleaguered by the Evil One or during any sort of trial, I find myself spontaneously saying, "It's all good. It's all good." I got that from Kate. She inspires me.

*The next monthly online deliverance session is Monday, January 30th, 7-8pm Eastern time (the same as New York City). Register here.


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