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Exorcist Diary #269: The Emotions of Demons

["Satan descends upon Earth," Gustave Doré, 1832-1883]

At the beginning of a recent exorcism, as is typical, the demons began to manifest and the afflicted person's consciousness receded into the background. Looking at the person's face, which had now become the demons' face, a look of pure rage crossed the eyes and visage. As the one-hour session progressed, the look of rage turned into terror. By the end of the session, the look morphed into one of complete despair.

There are several well known primary signs of possession such as speaking unknown languages or occult knowledge, but there are also secondary signs. These are not conclusive of a demonic presence but a possible indication of one. In this case, the emotions of rage, terror, and despair came straight from hell.

In the beginning of the process of an exorcism, the demons, like any narcissist, are full of arrogant bluster. But it is an empty show and covers over their inner cowardice and weakness. As the session wears on and they are confronted with the Truth, their underlying fear and terror come to the fore. They are terrified of Jesus and all that is holy. By the end of the session, as they face their ultimate defeat and doom, their despair can be palpable.

Demons do not have bodies and thus do not experience emotions in the same way humans do. Their emotions are unfiltered by a body and are thus purely spiritual. I believe that such emotions in a purely spiritual life are more powerful, purer and more real. In this case, the rage, terror and despair of demons overwhelms and consumes them.

I have heard that the emotions of the blessed in the Kingdom are likewise powerful, pure and real. But the blessed are filled with joy, peace and love. These spiritual emotions naturally overflow into a canticle of praise to our beautiful God, a song unique to each soul who sings it.

I have been an exorcist for many years. Ironically, facing all that evil has spontaneously turned my eyes heavenward. In the midst of the spiritual battle, whiffs of joy and eternal life pass through our sessions- a harbinger of what is to come.


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