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Exorcist Diary #272: Demons Crash Deliverance Session

["The Temptation of Anthony," Lelio Orsi,1570s]

During the last online deliverance session, my internet connection crashed.  I have a hard-wired, fast internet connection which is very reliable.  I depend on it to minister to the large and growing international following we have from our website and social media.  When connection dropped, it was very odd and the Team knew something was up.

Every month we have a large online deliverance session: 15,000 sign up and the Lord blesses us with powerful graces.  Naturally, the demons don’t like it. At the same time, witches are throwing curses at us.   Every month our communications get harassed by the dark world in some way.

But we are prepared.  We have our "Prayer Warriors" praying throughout the session. Also, our Team says the “Umbrellino Prayer for Technology”* several times. And one of our exorcists is constantly lifting curses. We repeatedly invoke Blessed Carlo Acutis- a web designer who has proven a powerful spiritual ally in protecting technology.

But on November 13th, in the middle of the session, my screen inexplicably froze and then my internet connection crashed.  What is particularly interesting is that it went down right in the middle of the prayer to lift generational curses.”** An accident?  I doubt it.

While the Catholic Church has never spoken definitively about whether generational curses actually exist, it is the common experience of exorcists that they are real.  It is true that succeeding generations are not culpable for the sins of their ancestors, but they do seem to be spiritually affected in palpable ways.   It has also been our experience that the lifting of generational curses is one of the most powerful moments in these online sessions.  Little wonder that the Evil One would do everything possible to block it.

While I am not the most technologically savvy person, I was able to reconnect to the online session with a couple of minutes.  Our very capable Team, realizing what had happened, kept the prayer session going until I rejoined.  Then we continued where we left off. In fact, I doubled down and said the prayer to lift generational curses from the beginning and placed even greatest emphasis on it. When demons don’t like something, we do more of it!

The incident is instructive.  To my mind, it reaffirms the importance of lifting generational curses.  It also reaffirms the truth that, while the Evil One can harass the servants of the Lord regardless of how many blocking and protecting prayers we say, the Lord’s work will ultimately be accomplished.  Satan can tempt, harass, and delay, but never stop the coming of God’s kingdom.  God’s will is always accomplished.  Satan is powerless to stop it.

Our next online deliverance session is coming January 8th. Every month there is some new form of demonic harassment, despite our best efforts to stop it. But we trust in Jesus. He has triumphed and He will do so again. This we know for certain.


*The Umbrellino Prayer for Technology for use by the laity is on our website ( under Deliverance Prayers for the Laity.

**See Prayer to Remove Generational Spirits also under Deliverance Prayers for the Laity on our website.

***Signup for our next free online Deliverance Session: Monday, January 8th from 7-8pm Eastern USA time. Rosary at 6:40pm. Go to: or click here.

****Last chance before the end of the year to donate to our rapidly expanding deliverance ministry. It is tax deductible. Donate:

Thank you! We are funded by the generosity of our worldwide family.


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