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Exorcist Diary #118: The Birth of Our Hope

Gerard van Honthorst's Adoration of the Shepherd

After an ugly dream last night, I woke up and began feeling awful. Where did this come from? After a few moments, I was able to name it. It was a feeling of hopelessness. Ugh. I don't recall ever feeling the darkness of such hopelessness.

Where did this come from? Then the insight came: several of my current clients are struggling with hopelessness. It is not uncommon that an exorcist would get a

whiff, or perhaps even more, of his clients' demons. It is helpful in diagnosis, and more.

So, I took the advice I give to my clients. With rosary beads in hands, I placed both hands on my head and repeatedly commanded: "In the name of Jesus, I command the demons of hopelessness to leave." Again and again and again. After a few minutes, I took a short break and did a second and third round. Then, it lifted.

Wow. Hopelessness is a very ugly feeling, which permeates the demonic and the depths of hell. In addition, it is one of Satan's main attacks these pandemic days. COVID-19 is a real virus killing people; but Satan is an opportunist and he is taking advantage of it and sowing hopelessness everywhere.

Tomorrow is Christmas. With the coming of Jesus, hope has entered our land and casts out the darkness of despair. I learned again, first hand, what a great gift God gives us in the birth of our hope.


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